Monday, June 18, 2007

I have a fetus!!

Just thought I'd let you know that my baby is now considered a fetus! YAY!! Only 28.5 more weeks to go!

Thursday, June 14, 2007

11 weeks

Tomorrow I will be 11 weeks!! Yahoo!! Here's my first official belly shot!

Bad dreams...

Braydon woke up last night about 12:30 crying hysterically. When I went in there to comfort him, I asked him what was wrong. He said the pool was being mean to him! Turns out he was having a bad dream about the swimming pool. Probably because last night we had a Bible Fellowship group get together and he got to swim, but I ended up making him come out of the pool because he was turning blue and shaking, and that concerned me as a mom. Bless his heart, he was screaming "i promise i not shake any more mama" He didn't understand why his body was shaking. But he got over it once he realized there was a radio flyer wagon to ride in. so that was our night in a nutshell.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Josh Blue!

This Saturday, a few friends of mine & I went to Raleigh for a fun filled ladies evening (Jen's bachelorette party). First we met at Applebees here in Rocky Mount, and watched Jen open up lingerie and a "goody" bag (courtesy of yours truly). We then headed for Raleigh, this time with good directions...(in case you didn't know, for my B-party, we went to Goodnights and got lost!!) this time we only went out of the way by say oh, 2 or 3 minutes, but found it none the less! When we got there, we went upstairs to get a drink, but then as soon as we sat down, they informed us that they were about to open up the house, so we decided to wait and get drinks down on the floor. We got great seats! And we thoroughly embarassed Jennifer, although I promised not to have her called up on stage like SHE did to me. (that is a WHOLE different embarassing story!) But Josh Blue was great! He's the guy from Last Comic Standing who had cerebal palsey (sp?) We even got to meet him, and take pictures with him after the show! Pretty neat huh?!? Well, here are a few pictures for ya! Enjoy!

Monday, June 4, 2007

thank GOD for zofran!!!

There is a wonder drug and it's name is ZOFRAN!! This expensive little pill that you stick in your mouth and let it dissolve has worked magic on my little sick self! I can eat again!!

SOOO not what I had expected...

Ok, so I have to admit, married life is not at all what I had expected. Maybe it's because we've had so many things thrown at us in the past couple months that we've had to deal with. I dunno. I know it's an adjustment for everyone, but its just so difficult especially now that we've found out we're having a baby! (us Sumners are fertile, huh?!?) I'm 8 weeks along, and have been sick as a dog. Every day all day and night, all I do is get sick. And if I'm not actually getting sick I'm dry heaving which is just as bad. I'm irritable, tired, extremly uncomfortable, and it just plain sucks. I keep wondering how that woman had 17 children. I think we're gonna stop at 2 because pregnancy is just sooo hard on my body. I told Kenney i love the end result, but the process is a biatch! For all of those women out there who never had morning sickness...I HATE U! (not really, im just MAD jealous!) I go back to the doctor on Wednesday and I'm not leaving there til i have some medicine to help out with the throwing up. There is nothing worse than knowing every single thing you eat will make you sick. Every person has their own remedy for morning sickness, and I've taken everyone and tried them. I mean I've tried lemon heads, special teas, ginger ale, saltines, crackers, cereal, cheeseburgers, peppermints, anything. I'm THAT desperate! but alas, none of these things have helped. I know I was sick with Braydon but for some reason this time it seems harder. Perhaps its b/c I'm now married and have a 3 yr old to take care of. ok now that I'm done complaining, I'll say that I am thankful that God has given us such a blessing, and that I acknowledge that many people are trying to have kids and just can't. I said that I would wait to tell people that I was pregnant til after 12 weeks, but I'm just so sick and want to complain. =) But those of you know that if you lose a baby, it's much better to have support than to suffer in silence by yourself. This way, should I lose another one, I'll atleast have the support I need.
On a side note, yesterday our community's pool opened up and so we took B last night to the pool. I should have gotten in first, but i let him put his feet in and not two seconds later he jumped in, and i had to jump in after him to pull him up. It about gave me a heart attack. it was weird, cuz it was like slow motion, and i was expecting him to come back up and then i grabbed him cuz i realized he wouldn't come back up unless i got him. Needless to say, we're not going to the pool until we get him a new swimsuit (or "baby suit" as B calls it) with a life jacket in it. He just has no fears of anything and that's scary!

when the world gets tough, we head to chuck e cheese!

Well this week has been one full of ups and downs. For the past few weeks, Kenney's employer has been "laying off" people left and right without any notice. In one day, they fired 5 people. Kenney knew his job was on the line because he was the newest one in his department, even though he had been there over a year. So, he started sending out resumes, but Kenney never heard anything back from any of them. Well, actually one contacted Kenney but they were in Wilmington, NC and we werent ready to move there. Plus it was a temp agency. So both Kenney and I were a little discouraged, but we trusted that God would take care of us. Then about a week ago, Kenney got a call from a man in Raleigh who had a mini interview over the phone, and asked Kenney to come up there for an official interview. So Kenney got the afternoon off on Tuesday for the interview. B and I headed up there too and went to Larry's softball game afterwards and had a great time with Larry & Erin. Thursday evening Kenney got a call from the man he interviewed with and he gave kenney a decent salary offer. The down sides of the potential job was the long commute to Raleigh every day and he didn't have any health insurance. The man said he would adjust Kenney's salary to compensate for kenney getting the health insurance. We decided to take the night to think and pray about the whole situation. We called my parents for advice, and they gave us good advice. We had decided that kenney would decline the new job offer and stay at his current job. I thought we were both in agreement with it, but apparently Kenney still felt torn because the man's offer was a HUGEEEEEEE pay increase. (and i mean like it really was a lot of money, but at the same time, we'd be losing out on time with Kenney and in my opinion, I'd rather have my husband home than making more money KWIM?) anyways, Friday morning Kenney received a phone call from his boss asking him if he'd like to work his last day or if he just wanted to come pick up his stuff. THEY LAID HIM OFF! Kenney took that really hard, because hes been such a loyal employee, and even though we'd already had another job offer, it still hurt him. He was offered a severance package, which he was the only one to receive. So Kenney called the man back an negotiated almost an extra 2000 out of the man, and took the position. He starts on Monday. So he'll be getting his severance pay WHILE making more money. God is so good to us!! But anyways, Kenney was still hurt by the whole thing with his old job so we went to chuck e cheese to celebrate his new job! we had a BLAST!! I'm thinking that on our next date night that kenney & i just go the two of us!!
Oh and yesterday i had cpr and first aid training at work, and after we went to see Shrek the Third with my parents and Braydon!! it was b's first movie and he did a great job!! afterwards, we went to Burger King, where b had a blast playing in the play place!!

Mother's Day

Well, today I had my first official family function at our new place. It turned out great! Kenney's parents and sister came down from Virginia Beach and my parents came too. We served Chicken cordon bleu (Homemade mind you!) corn and green bean casserole, applesauce, crescent rolls, and cranberry sauce. Everything I heard was positive as far as feedback goes. And we got to use my new china!! so fun!! =) It was a great time with family. Then after family left, our neighbors got together and we hung out and played badmitton and had hot dogs on the grill (There are 3 of our townhouses that get along really well.) Good times!! HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY TO ALL MOMMIES!!