Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Josh Blue!

This Saturday, a few friends of mine & I went to Raleigh for a fun filled ladies evening (Jen's bachelorette party). First we met at Applebees here in Rocky Mount, and watched Jen open up lingerie and a "goody" bag (courtesy of yours truly). We then headed for Raleigh, this time with good directions...(in case you didn't know, for my B-party, we went to Goodnights and got lost!!) this time we only went out of the way by say oh, 2 or 3 minutes, but found it none the less! When we got there, we went upstairs to get a drink, but then as soon as we sat down, they informed us that they were about to open up the house, so we decided to wait and get drinks down on the floor. We got great seats! And we thoroughly embarassed Jennifer, although I promised not to have her called up on stage like SHE did to me. (that is a WHOLE different embarassing story!) But Josh Blue was great! He's the guy from Last Comic Standing who had cerebal palsey (sp?) We even got to meet him, and take pictures with him after the show! Pretty neat huh?!? Well, here are a few pictures for ya! Enjoy!

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