Monday, June 4, 2007

SOOO not what I had expected...

Ok, so I have to admit, married life is not at all what I had expected. Maybe it's because we've had so many things thrown at us in the past couple months that we've had to deal with. I dunno. I know it's an adjustment for everyone, but its just so difficult especially now that we've found out we're having a baby! (us Sumners are fertile, huh?!?) I'm 8 weeks along, and have been sick as a dog. Every day all day and night, all I do is get sick. And if I'm not actually getting sick I'm dry heaving which is just as bad. I'm irritable, tired, extremly uncomfortable, and it just plain sucks. I keep wondering how that woman had 17 children. I think we're gonna stop at 2 because pregnancy is just sooo hard on my body. I told Kenney i love the end result, but the process is a biatch! For all of those women out there who never had morning sickness...I HATE U! (not really, im just MAD jealous!) I go back to the doctor on Wednesday and I'm not leaving there til i have some medicine to help out with the throwing up. There is nothing worse than knowing every single thing you eat will make you sick. Every person has their own remedy for morning sickness, and I've taken everyone and tried them. I mean I've tried lemon heads, special teas, ginger ale, saltines, crackers, cereal, cheeseburgers, peppermints, anything. I'm THAT desperate! but alas, none of these things have helped. I know I was sick with Braydon but for some reason this time it seems harder. Perhaps its b/c I'm now married and have a 3 yr old to take care of. ok now that I'm done complaining, I'll say that I am thankful that God has given us such a blessing, and that I acknowledge that many people are trying to have kids and just can't. I said that I would wait to tell people that I was pregnant til after 12 weeks, but I'm just so sick and want to complain. =) But those of you know that if you lose a baby, it's much better to have support than to suffer in silence by yourself. This way, should I lose another one, I'll atleast have the support I need.
On a side note, yesterday our community's pool opened up and so we took B last night to the pool. I should have gotten in first, but i let him put his feet in and not two seconds later he jumped in, and i had to jump in after him to pull him up. It about gave me a heart attack. it was weird, cuz it was like slow motion, and i was expecting him to come back up and then i grabbed him cuz i realized he wouldn't come back up unless i got him. Needless to say, we're not going to the pool until we get him a new swimsuit (or "baby suit" as B calls it) with a life jacket in it. He just has no fears of anything and that's scary!

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