Monday, June 4, 2007

when the world gets tough, we head to chuck e cheese!

Well this week has been one full of ups and downs. For the past few weeks, Kenney's employer has been "laying off" people left and right without any notice. In one day, they fired 5 people. Kenney knew his job was on the line because he was the newest one in his department, even though he had been there over a year. So, he started sending out resumes, but Kenney never heard anything back from any of them. Well, actually one contacted Kenney but they were in Wilmington, NC and we werent ready to move there. Plus it was a temp agency. So both Kenney and I were a little discouraged, but we trusted that God would take care of us. Then about a week ago, Kenney got a call from a man in Raleigh who had a mini interview over the phone, and asked Kenney to come up there for an official interview. So Kenney got the afternoon off on Tuesday for the interview. B and I headed up there too and went to Larry's softball game afterwards and had a great time with Larry & Erin. Thursday evening Kenney got a call from the man he interviewed with and he gave kenney a decent salary offer. The down sides of the potential job was the long commute to Raleigh every day and he didn't have any health insurance. The man said he would adjust Kenney's salary to compensate for kenney getting the health insurance. We decided to take the night to think and pray about the whole situation. We called my parents for advice, and they gave us good advice. We had decided that kenney would decline the new job offer and stay at his current job. I thought we were both in agreement with it, but apparently Kenney still felt torn because the man's offer was a HUGEEEEEEE pay increase. (and i mean like it really was a lot of money, but at the same time, we'd be losing out on time with Kenney and in my opinion, I'd rather have my husband home than making more money KWIM?) anyways, Friday morning Kenney received a phone call from his boss asking him if he'd like to work his last day or if he just wanted to come pick up his stuff. THEY LAID HIM OFF! Kenney took that really hard, because hes been such a loyal employee, and even though we'd already had another job offer, it still hurt him. He was offered a severance package, which he was the only one to receive. So Kenney called the man back an negotiated almost an extra 2000 out of the man, and took the position. He starts on Monday. So he'll be getting his severance pay WHILE making more money. God is so good to us!! But anyways, Kenney was still hurt by the whole thing with his old job so we went to chuck e cheese to celebrate his new job! we had a BLAST!! I'm thinking that on our next date night that kenney & i just go the two of us!!
Oh and yesterday i had cpr and first aid training at work, and after we went to see Shrek the Third with my parents and Braydon!! it was b's first movie and he did a great job!! afterwards, we went to Burger King, where b had a blast playing in the play place!!

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