Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Celebrations of the 4th, in Christy terms...

Ok, so we've had lots going on lately. We've had a pipe burst in our kitchen, and now after they've "fixed" the pipe, we are now left with a smelly hole in our wall, with a portion of our cabinets sitting on the floor and food that was in the cabinet thrown all over the place. Its a mess. Now, granted, the place was not spotless prior to our "event", but it smells so bad and looks like my cabinets exploded, I can't even sleep there. Fortunately, we have the Hotel Sumner that was ready to accomodate us, (although the owners were no where to be found. =) haha.) So, to make a long story even longer, we are currently staying over here til they "fix" our smelly hole in the wall.

Alas, it is July 4th, a great day to be celebrated by the good Americans that we are. So far our day has consisted of an attempt to fix my visor in my car to no avail, watching mindless tv (and now the movie cars), looking for houses, and making a gourmet lunch of Peanut butter and jelly, or as Braydon calls it "gewl-deeee". I mean whats more american than a good ol' pb & j? Michal always told us that was one of the nastiest American food. He just couldn't understand it. more for us perhaps. =)

I'm really missing my family right now. I miss my sister and Mikey and Noah, and BabyMojo. I miss my mom & my dad. We saw Kenney's fam this past weekend and had a blast. Hurry up parents and sister....get HOME!

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Britney said...

Your celebration of our great nation's birthday sounds like mine so far! I slept in, read last Sunday's paper, wrote in my journal about my lack of a significant other, and have done a whole lot of nothing. I am hoping to make it to some fireworks tonight. Maybe then I will feel like I celebrated.