Friday, August 31, 2007


I saw a picture of a friend of mine who lost her baby due to a genetic disorder at 30 weeks. Her eyes look so heavy, and my heart just breaks for her. You can see how she is physically burdened by the loss, and I feel completely helpless. I wish I could do something to magically make it better. I wish I could come up with some sort of encouragemnt, but what words can be of any comfort to grieving parent who has lost their child? I struggle with this because I know how my loss has affected me. How much greater is her loss, having actually held her little girl in her arms, lifeless. I just don't understand why God allows such loss, I really don't. I struggle with this all the time. Why did God bless me with a perfectly healthy child 3 years ago in the situation I was in, but yet this couple that did things the RIGHT way, and want a child so bad, have to walk thru this unspeakable mourning. I just don't get it, and perhaps never will. I do know there is a pit in my throat, trying to choke back tears for this friend.

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Britney said...

it's so hard to trust that God knows what he's doing when things like this happen.