Monday, September 17, 2007

Cool Weather & Preschool

Well, this morning, it is a glorious fall morning. It was 52 degrees out at 7 AM, and that makes me a happy camper!! Kenney left for work, and now that Braydon is awake, and dressed we have a few things on our agenda for the day. The first one is enrolling Braydon in a half day preschool at our church. He will go Monday, Wednesday & Friday in the morning. I was hesitant to do this at first, because I really wanted just to have him at home with me. It has come to our attention though how much he needs his social interaction with children. I've looked all over the place to find playgroups for stay at home moms in our area, but the closest one is like 45-60 minutes away one way, and I'm just not willing to drive that far. Plus, this will also give Braydon a place to be when the baby comes during the morning, to give me a little bit of a break as we adjust to having two little ones in our house. So, Braydon is going back to preschool, which he is excited about.

At first, when I mentioned the idea of him "going back to school" he started screaming and ran and hid. Bless his heart. Once I explained to him that he'd be going to church for school during the week, he was ok with it. God bless our church! Hopefully he will start next week if all goes well. The lady on the phone said she had one more slot open for the M/W/F class and several open for the T/Th classes, so we'll see.

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