Thursday, September 6, 2007

Growing Belly creates many difficulties

Ok, so I have to admit I'm glad I do my grooming while my husband is at work. The other day, I realized my toes needed to be done because we were getting ready to go out of town to Virginia Beach. So, while Braydon was fast asleep during his nap, I figured I'd go for it. I decided it would be more comfortable to paint my toes on the bed, because the floor is much harder. Well, I forgot to account for the new mattress topper we now have that my parents are letting us use. It's one of those memory foam mattresses that are wonderful, and have done much good for my hips. But, it sometimes makes you roll into the center of the bed. (on a side note, this rolling occurance has happened many a time during our sleeping & has caused one or the other to be left with little to no room in the bed!)
So, anyways, here I go, trying to take off the old toe nail polish, which I managed to do pretty well. Then came time to actually repolish the nails themselves. The first foot took forever because I was trying to wiggle around my belly. And before you know it, over I fell...That's right, I was wiggling to reach my toes, and lost my balance and fell into the center of the bed. Luckily, I had put a towel down, but I couldn't help but busting out in laughter, so clean up took a little longer due to my spurts of laughing at myself. I can only imagine how much more laughter there would have been had Kenney been at home!!

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Britney said...

I think we need another side shot, so we can see just how in the way that tummy of yours is. :D