Friday, September 21, 2007

The meanest mother...

I have no clue where I found this, but its hanging on my fridge, and has been for some time now. It makes me laugh and is so true...I can't related to all of it, but some of it indeed. And I too, take pride when I hear Braydon call me "mean!" Here's to all those mean, mean mommies out there!! (And Thanks to my own mother for being "mean"!!!)

"The Meanest Mother"

I had the meanest mother in the world. while other children ate candy for breakfast, I had to have cereal, eggs, and toast. When others had cokes and candy for lunch, I had to eat a sandwich. As you can guess, my supper was different from other children's, also.

My mother insisted on knowing where we were at all times-you'd think we were on a chain gang. She had to know who your friends were and what we were doing. She insisted if we said we'd be gone an hour that we would be gone one hour or less-not one hour and one minute. I am nearly ashamed to admit it, but she actually spanked us. Not once, but each time we did as we pleased. Can you imagine someone actually hitting a child just because she disobeyed? Now you begin to see how mean she really was.

While the other girls were wearing mini skirts and jeans, and smoking cigarettes, we had to wear dresses and be little grandmas and we called old fashioned. mother would not even let us go to the drive-in movies. How could she be so mean?

My mother actually had the nerve to break the Child Labor Law. She made us work. We had to wash dishes, makebeds, learn to cook, and all sorts of cruel things. I believe she laid awake at night just thinking up mean things to do to us.

She always insisted upon our telling the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth, even if it killed us---and it nearly did. She embarrassed us by making our dates come to the door to get u. None of this "tooting the car horn" by the boys for us to come running.

My mother was a complete failure. Because she was so mean, none of us have ever been arrested, divorced or beated by a mate. Each of my brothers served his time in service to this country. And whom do we have to blame for the terrible way we've turned out? You're right-our mean mother.

Look what all we have missed. we never got to march in a protest parade, attend a rock concert, take part in a riot, burn draft cards, and many other things that other children did. She forced us to grow into God-fearing, educated, honest adults.

Using this as a pattern, I am trying to rear my children. I stand a little taller and I am filled with pride when my children call me "mean."

---Author Anonymous---

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Britney said...

I had a mean mom too. She didn't let us stay up late on school nights nor did she let us stay home from school unless we were puking or running a fever. She *gasp* grounded us for things like bringing home poor grades, talking back, and being disobedient. She always knew where we were, and didn't let us play when our homework wasn't finished. I know I said I wouldn't be like her, but now I wish more parents were like her.