Friday, September 28, 2007

Overheard conversations...

Today I was in the doctor's office, and I tried very hard NOT to hear the conversation going on between a young woman and and older woman, possibly a mother & her daughter. The conversation was completely heartbreaking. It was one of those awful cliche convos you never want to hear.....Here's a quick version:

Girl: But you can't make me.
Woman: Well, something has to be done.
Girl: It's my body and you can't do anything about it.
Woman: You live in my house, what I say goes.
Girl: Maybe I should go live with dad.
woman: You think your dad knows anything about raising babies? I raised you all by myself and you're not going to live with him. End of discussion.
Girl: (tears just roll down her face)
Woman: Stop crying.
Girl: (gets up and walks to the bathroom in the lobby still crying)

Just as she goes in the restroom, I looked up at the lady, and I was about in tears myself. I know this may sound strange but I looked away because I didnt want to cry. I looked down at my puzzle book, to see the card I was using as a bookmark. It was a business card which I had just found earlier this morning while going through an older purse. For some reason I stuck it in my puzzle book as a book mark. It was a pregnancy care center card. Can you believe it?

Well I sat there looking at the card, looking at the floor, quickly looking over at the woman, then back down to the floor, then to the card, etc. I was trying to figure out how to get this card to the girl without being obtrusive or overstepping boundaries. Just as I was getting enough courage to get up and give it to her, they called the young girl back to the back.

Ugh, I could've kicked myself. I'd waited to long and now there was no telling if she'd ever get to hear about the Pregnancy Care Center. My heart sunk, and again I was about in tears again, when they called my name. They asked me to go pee in a cup as usual, and as I was walking to the rest room, there was my chance! She was sitting there waiting to get her blood pressure taken! I gave it to her and said "I don't mean to intrude, but I hope this helps", gave her a quick smile, and went on my way.

Hopefully, she'll find out she has options. Although I know what it feels like when you feel like there aren't any.


Anonymous said...

You never know when you will have a chance to make a life-changing difference in someone's life. You may have just saved a baby's life, and prevented a young mother from making the worst decision of her entire life. I am so proud of you for being alert to others' needs and responding correctly. But I am not surprised....
Your proud Dad

Anonymous said...

A Jewel in your heavenly crown.

laura said...

it's not an easy thing to do ~ to step out
"over the line" and reach out with kindness.
good going, christy...
very proud of you, aunt laura