Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Stretch marks...

Yeah, so my sister has none, and has awesome pregnancies. She sucks, but I still love her. Since she posted a belly shot of her stretch mark-less belly, here's a lovely picture for those of us who weren't so fortunate....(This is me & Makenna almost 26 weeks!)


laura said...

ah, my other lovely niece
and her beautiful belly!
what's a few stretch marks?
yours looks a whole lot better
than mine :)
I think you look great!
hey, really though,
it's all worth it...
glad to hear your feeling good enough to eat..and while your enjoying those fabulous
english muffins soaking up all that yummy butter and jam,
don't forget us down here in sanford...
y'all have any plans
to come this way soon??
we would love to see you all!
~aunt laura

Katie said...

You look great...I can hardly see the stretch marks. By the way, I love the name Makenna (I think I spelled it right!).

bethany said...

I hardly see the stretch marks, either! I think you look fantastic. :D