Monday, September 24, 2007

Success on the Road!

Well, Friday we left NC for a short trip to Myrtle Beach, SC. We stayed in a no-thrills hotel right on the ocean front for Friday night. It was decently priced and included a hot breakfast, which we couldn't beat. As I said, it was definately no thrills. But it was clean, comfy & the a/c was pumping, so it worked well for us.

The next morning, we woke up & went to eat breakfast. As we were there, we overheard the front desk attendants talking about a Shriner's parade on Ocean Blvd. It went right past our hotel, and we didn't even have to worry about finding a place to park. Braydon had a blast watching all the little cars and the funny hat men. =) We checked out at around 10ish and headed to visit with the Cohens, long time family friends who live in MB. It was nice to visit and Braydon enjoyed his time of Wonder pets tv. (I think Kenney enjoyed it as well!)

After leaving there, we visited Terry Cohen at the mall where he works, and walked around the mall for a bit. Right around then we got a call from Gloria Richardson (Braydon's biological, paternal grandparents) saying that they were almost to the hotel, and we met them at the check in place.

After getting settled in, we headed for the pool. They had an awesome pool set-up. There was one main pool that was 3 ft. deep that most of it was outside, but it had a part that could be closed off and was inside for the winter months. Then they had a lazy river where you could just float around & around on the tubes, which by the way is easier to do when you're NOT 25 weeks pregnant!!! On top of these pools, they had a 1.5 foot kiddie pool with different water features for them to play with. It was awesome. All of us had a great time, and it was so good to see Braydon get to hang out with the Richardsons. We ate at Liberty Restaurant at Broadway at the Beach then we came back to the room, where it happened. Braydon said "Mommy I have to potty".

Thinking that this was a potty trip like all others, I took him to the bathroom, and heared him toot. I asked him if he needed to stinky, and he said Yes! well, this isn't much shock to me, because he's told me this many times before with nothing to show for it. I wasn't holding my breath, because first of all we were at some where strange, and we didn't even have his comfy potty seat. Well, he decided to sit down and all of the sudden, I hear a plop, and another plop, and his eyes grew wide. He yelled "I did it mommy, I did it!! And it didn't take for ever!" (His main complaint when we would sit him on the potty was that it was taking forever to go stinky.) So, we were so excited that he went stinky in the potty, and he sure did remember that his Ama promised him a donut if he stinkied in the potty....=)

Sunday morning, we woke up and had breakfast at the condo. Gloria, Everett, Braydon & I went for a walk down on the beach, while Kenney stayed at the condo. (hes not much of a beach person). Braydon had a blast at the ocean. He's been to Virginia Beach before, but Myrtle beach has a lot more seashells, and he went nuts collecting them. We finally had to limit him on only the whole shells. The ones that were broken he got to throw back into the ocean, which he just loved. He had so much fun running in the waves, digging in the sand, collecting shells, etc. He even saw his very first jelly fish!

After our trip down to the beach, we went back to the pool and then went to play mini golf right at the resort. We packed up, went to eat at the Hard Rock Cafe, and we were out of Myrtle Beach by 5:30. We stopped at South of the Border both ways, which Braydon LOVED and refers to it as the "hat place". On the way home, we took the elevator up to the top of the hat, which was pretty neat, and Braydon had a blast.

We didn't take many pictures while we were down there, which is unusual for me. I was just enjoying myself and relaxing and not worried about a camera. Everett got some though so hopefully he'll send some to us. Here are a few from our stop at South of the Border on the way down to Myrtle Beach.


Anonymous said...

It is so good to hear about your relaxing time. We all need it about once a month!!!! Mom

American Mum said...

Haha I can't believe Braydon liked South of the Border!! I hope he begs you to spend a week there once a year at least. I'm glad to hear he's pooping. Noah's been on it for 9 days now. woohoo!