Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Thanks Aprille & Rach!

Ok, ever since reading a post from my dear cousin Aprille and my sister Rachel about English Muffins, I've been craving them. And I finally just gave in and sent my lovely hubby to go buy some. What a darling he is....and not even one complaint either. Way to score big brownie points, hon!! I can't wait to toast them, and slob butter and jelly all over it, and dig in to each nook and every cranny!! Oh, and whats even better, is last week, I was watching Food Network, and Rachel Ray gave an idea about how to open english muffins in order to preserve the nooks and crannies!! YAAHOO!! So I give a big thanks to Aprille, Rachel, Kenney & Rachel ray for assisting me in my before bedtime snack. =)

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Anonymous said...

I saw that - the fork lol hahah i havent had en english muffin in forever. im not really sure why that popped into my head lol. ENJOY! btw they make whole grain ones now. AA