Friday, October 5, 2007

2 down, 1 to go...

I'm finally done with my second trimester! WAHOO!!! Today marks 27 weeks for this pregnancy, and I begin my 3rd trimester! It's a little odd to think that this time last year I was planning my wedding, and now we're planning to make room for Makenna Rae!

I am so proud to report that so far I've gained 16 lbs. through this pregnancy. Ironically, I only gained 17 with Braydon my entire pregnancy. I'm much bigger with this one though, thats for sure...But now since I've gotten my hair cut, I wonder if the scale will show any difference!! It was a LOT of hair they cut off!! One thing that I'm beginning to have is swelling. I never had that with Braydon. My feet are getting pretty big, which is kinda scary. I check my blood pressure every day, so I know that I'm ok, but it's just weird looking at my new monster feet. Just in time for halloween, huh?!? =)

We've got the crib up in Makenna's room, and we decided to stick with the Winnie the Pooh theme like we did with Braydon (& Noah). I just could not justify buying brand new stuff when I had perfectly good stuff just sitting in a closet at my parents house. So her crib is put together, the bedding is on, and the mobile is assembled. The breast pump I bought on ebay is on it's way here. We've washed the clothes, hung them up, and are trying to work on getting everything else we need for her arrival.

I really want to get the Chicco Cortina Key Fit Car seat & stroller for her. It's one of the best out there, but it is also quite expensive. We've been looking at craigslist and so far there are a couple of systems out there that people are trying to sell, but are still pretty expensive. But I figure if we buy one of the cheap ones at WalMart, it will still cost us 150, so for 40 or 50 more dollars we can get a top of the line one that has been used for a year.

One way or another, we will get everything we need, and probably a lot of things we may not even use. Either way, she's coming whether we're ready or not in a couple of months.

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laura said...

Is there something that I can do for your darling one coming??
let me know!

love you all,
~aunt laura