Thursday, October 25, 2007

Cheers and Jeers

The Daily Messenger from Canandaigua, NY used to publish a weekly "cheers & jeers" section to highlight good things people had done & to draw attention to those people who deserved the bad publicity. So, since I cannot react publicly while at work here are my cheers & jeers of my first 2 weeks working at Goodwill.


-To the person who donated the light colored men's pants who made me feel skinny. Even pregnant, I fit into one of the pant legs. Not to mention it made me laugh.

-To the young gentleman that came into the store and purchased a suit for a job interview using all change. My prayer for you is that things start looking up for you, and that you will have a new look at yourself in your "new" suit.

-To the hispanic man who frequents our store wearing the shirt that reads "I have gas" with a woman holding on to a gas nozzle. Everytime he walks into the store, I chuckle quietly to myself, and I hope that you understand what the shirt says, b/c otherwise it would lose it's humor.

-To the church group that came in as a part of a scavenger hunt. I'm glad we had the wedding dress there, but sorry we didn't have a wig or bowling shoes. It was so fun to see all those young pre-teen girls so excited, and to see them truly enjoying themselves doing something wholesome. Not to mention it was fun to watch & think about when I was in youth group.


-To the woman who came to the store with an obviously fake 5 dollar bill, and who swore up and down it was real. Come on. It didn't even look real, or feel real. Fortunately, my manager was on the phone and you didn't want to wait for her to get off, so you gave me a different bill. I mean, seriously, do you think you're going to be able to use that somewhere?

-To the people who try to scam Goodwill by claiming a shirt that clearly is a hang up t-shirt was in the bin. I mean it's a 2 dollar difference. If it were Wal-mart or some other company that is there for a profit, I say fight for it. But this is GOODWILL, a non-profit organization!

-To the woman who went through the men's section of pants and left 27 pairs of pants either laying on the floor or hanging on top of the rack. And then once you noticed the pregnant woman picking up all your clothes that you left, you dropped 2 more pairs of pants.


Aprille said...

You make me laugh.

laura said...

I needed a good laugh!!
thanks christie.....
btw, do you need a mirror??!
love you, aunt laura