Monday, October 8, 2007

Maternity Eternity...

I know they say pregnancy only last 9 months (technically its 10, but who's counting?!?) but it sure does feel like forever. I feel like I'm in limbo. I'm never just able to enjoy it. I hate the fact that I'm either puking or having extremly uncomfortable hot flashes where I'm about to pass out, or having to run to the bathroom every 10 minutes. It makes it feel like I've been pregnant forever. In all reality, it's gone by quickly, but don't try telling me that. I probably will hit you. Or start crying. Or maybe I'll laugh. Who knows. That's the other thing I hate...hormones.

Poor Kenney. I go from sweating buckets to arguing with him to crying and begging him to leave me alone. Then we laugh about it (well, I begin to laugh, and Kenney waits to make sure it's ok for him to laugh too without getting a pillow thrown at him!) Rachel & I were talking on MSN messenger the other day about my newly created "super" hero called "Super Hormones". Rachel said I could put an "E" on my chest (for emotional, or estrogen, either one!) and that's what I can be for halloween. Along with my monster feet. =)


Britney said...

I like Rachel's Halloween costume idea for you. The monster feet should be a perfect accessory. ;)

Hey, did you ever get new phones? I've been waiting on a call and haven't gotten one. :(

American Mum said...

You should clarify the story. You said "I've been super hormones lately" which is of course why I asked if this is a new superhero. :) And E was for estrogen, but empotional should work. And I'm glad you got the moster feet this time! Me on the other hand, I can still wear oes!! Hahah. :)