Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Please won't you (stay) be my neighbor?

Our neighbor's are moving back to Western NC, and that makes us sad. Braydon has enjoyed having a playmate next door to us, and we've enjoyed their company as well. It's so nice to have people that you like as your next door neighbros. It's not often where this works out. There's been many nights that we've been outside and hung out for hours letting the kids play, or having random hot dog cookouts at the drop of a hat. We will surely miss them as they leave.

This morning, I watched their 11 month old boy for a few hours so Becky could go to her eye appointment. Afterwards, she offered to give us a changing table and a bouncy seat. We have already gotten a changing table from my lovely cousin (THANKS SOOO MUCH MEL!) but we hadn't gotten a bouncy seat. We figured we had a swing, if we needed a seat, we could go get one later. I'm so thankful we waited, and thankful for this almost new bouncy seat we now have!

As I said, it makes me sad to see them go, and we will miss them dearly...

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Melanie said...

I'm so pleased that it works for you. My mum gave it to me, so I was happy to pass along the good fortune.