Monday, October 1, 2007

Square in a round hole...

Lately, my dreams have been very short (since I wake up 50 million times a night) and for the most part have been about the same theme. Fitting things into places where they don't belong. I know it sounds odd, so I'll explain a few.

In one dream, I was arranging a living room (not mine or anyone that I recognized) and trying to make everything fit. It didn't. No matter how I rearranged the furniture there was just too much of it and too little space. In a different dream, I was cleaning up various board games and puzzles. They were all mixed up and I was trying to sort them and fit them all back into their respective boxes, but for some reason none of them fit into the box that they were supposed to. Another dream I had I was on a playground playing with Braydon and I tried to go down a slide and got stuck. It was quite scary, and I then I looked down at my belly and realized I was stuck because of my belly.

These are just a few of them. I feel I have a pretty good idea about what they mean. It's obvious from referring to that I'm struggling with the idea of whats to come with the new baby, and trying to plan things out that I'm not sure if we can make them work. It's just bizarre how our brains take our secret fears and anxiety and makes them into random dreams including monopoly, chess, couches, recliners, etc.

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