Wednesday, November 7, 2007

59 days, but who's counting?!?

Ok, so I've officially got 59 more days to go in this pregnancy, and I must admit I'm becoming quite antsy. I'm just tired of being in pain, not sleeping well, and being uncomfortable. I know that I would hate for her to come so early, and the longer she remains in me, the better for her, but I feel like I'm in a horrible merry-go-round that won't shut off.



Aprille said...

It also doesn't help to have a sister who is ready to go huh? It will be done soon enough. Hey - enjoy the baby belly while you can actually. I miss Nate wiggling around in there (even when he took my breath away) because I know the likely hood of me experiencing that again are slim. You kind of miss it later. I was tempted to touch your belly when I saw you last time (then I remembered I hate that) because I wanted to remember that feeling of closeness. When shes in there you don't have to share her. This is what I say now of course because he isnt kicking the mess out of my bladder AND ribs at the same time! haha. Anyways, it will be over soon enough. Enjoy the aspects you can now. AA

Anonymous said...

So sorry it is so very uncomfortable for you!