Thursday, November 22, 2007

Christmas Trees

I was in such a foul mood yesterday, and I've got a family that can attest to this. My poor husband and son. But none the less, we decided to get our new Christmas tree up. (Thanks Mom & Dad!!) The first picture is kinda blurry, but it shows it all lit up, and the second one is with the lights on. As you can see, we are now a family with a train under the tree. I've never experienced this before, having grown up with just one sister. It's so exciting to see Braydon's excitement about the upcoming holidays, and especially his Disney train that he got for his 3rd birthday (this is the first time we've gotten it out for him, so it makes it EXTRA special!)

Since I'm writing, I should update you as well on my pregnancy. I am 34 weeks as of tomorrow. I went to the doctor on Tuesday, and have not progressed any further than last time, which was kinda frustrating. I'm in a lot of pain and I can't even say it's doing any good. *sigh.* But she's measuring about 1 1/2 weeks early, which made me happy thinking maybe she'll come before the end of the year. It wasn't until my dad made a comment that just because she's measuring bigger doesn't mean she's developed a week and a half ahead, since it wasn't possible for her to be any further ahead (trust me, I know this for a fact.) I mean I guess I knew what he was saying but for some reason when he said this, I thought for the first time that maybe I shouldn't hurry her here....So, here I sit, pregnant and uncomfortable, knowing that when she's good and ready she'll come out, and I need to make the best of the next few weeks. Once she comes out, I will never be able to make her go back in. We have a special bond now that no one else shares, not even Kenney. And for this, I am extremely thankful.

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Melanie said...

Nice! I'm not sure if I have the energy to do a tree this year. Maybe next year, when I trust that it will be easier to get Dylan NOT to pull the ornaments off, lol! Btw, you look great!