Friday, November 30, 2007

If ever I feel like a failure...

....all I have to do is listen to my darling son. I just adore listening to him talk, playing, imagining, creating, etc. My favorite times of this are in the car when its just B & me. I finally started carrying paper & a pen in the car to write down all the cute things he says.

Yesterday, we were on our way to Wal-Mart, and out of no where he asks me to turn down the Christmas music. I said sure, and asked him why he wanted me to turn it down. His reply was simple: "I need to talk to Jesus for a few minutes." He covered his face with his hands, and said the following: (i wrote it down as we were sitting at the light by the wal-mart plaza)

"Dear God, Thank you for Santa Claus. and all the beautiful things I have in my new house. And dear God, (he peaked through his hands at this point but continued talking to Jesus) thank you for england and for baby cow-ey. I want to hold her, but i can't because I can't fly an airplane. I love her god. And I love Jesus too. The Lord will protect his people. AMEN MOMMY!"

I just thought this was adorable, but the people behind me probably didn't appreciate me not moving when the light turned green, but I just had to get it written down. Other wise I'll forget. "The Lord will protect his people" came from preschool, it's this month's Bible verse and he's very proud that he knows it!

Last night, after we ate dinner, Braydon out of no where said "Dear God, thank your for building me and all the beautiful things in my house. And thank you for Santa." I just looked at Kenney with this "I'm gonna cry because that's so sweet" look and he was impressed to because usually B does the cute stuff when he's at work! I was so happy that he got to experience some of his cuteness too!!

And on the way to preschool this morning, Braydon told me: "Mommy, when I get bigger, I'm going to work hard like Daddy, and I'm going to buy a Christmas tree for my room! And then I'm going to get ormamints and put them on my tree and its going to look perfect! I'm going to get sports ormamints, and SUPERHEROES MAMA. Lots of superheroes. And Santa's gonna LOVE it!"

And did I mention that "Santa's going to love...." is his newest phrase? I'm not all the sure where he's picking this stuff up from, but it's just too adorable. No matter what it is, he says that Santa's going to love it. For example, when he's coloring, he says "santa's going to LOVE my letters mama" or If he sees Christmas decorations, "santa's going to LOVE those lights!" He even told my Dad the other day that they had to plug in their outside Christmas lights so that Santa will know where they live! How stinkin' cute is that?!?


Rachel said...

That is the sweetest thing ever. Especially about Chloe.

Sgt and Mrs Hub said...

I love this age - I love not knowing what is going to come out of their mouth next!

What a good idea to put a pad of paper and pen in the car. I should do that. Eve holds some of her best conversations in the car.