Monday, November 19, 2007

I'm thankful for...

Last night, we went to a bible study's thanksgiving dinner that we were invited to. We'd never been, but we are looking for friends in the area, and we figured, why not! Well, of course, we all went around and said what we were thankful for. Braydon had his turn as well. And what was he thankful for you might ask? Well, he was thankful for his water gun. =) I love this age.

Anyways, we were on our way to preschool this morning, and I looked in the rear view mirror, and there was Braydon with his hands together like he was praying and he was moving his mouth, but I didn't hear any sounds. I asked him what he was doing, and he told me he was talking to Jesus to tell him everything that he was thankful for. Aside from my eyes welling up with tears from this being so sweet, I asked him if he could tell me about the things he was thankful for. Here is Braydon's list, exactly as he described it to me. (I pulled over the car & wrote it down as he told me cuz it was just TOO cute.)

- My water gun
- Firemen
- Policemen
- batteries
- Frosty the snow man
- No, wait mommy, not frosty the snow man.
- Carebears gummies
- Firemen
- cow-ey gwace, you know mommy, the baby that came out of aunt rachels belly. Mommy did she have paint on her too? (that's a whole other blog I'll have to write about!)
-I can't think of anything else mommy.

I love this age. =)

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Melanie said...

"No, wait mommy, not Frosty the Snow Man." TOO FREAKIN CUTE! I would have died. I really can't wait until Dylan starts talking.