Wednesday, November 21, 2007


Ok, I have to admit, today is not one of my better days. When I woke up, I didn't want to move. Braydon even got himself dressed, well somewhat. He put his NC state shorts & tank top set on backwards and forgot to put underwear on. I didn't change him because I wanted to encourage the independence. I did not feel like getting dressed, and yes even at noon as I write this, I'm sitting in the same thing I was wearing when I went to bed last night. What's worse is that I just plain don't care. I'm not going anywhere today. No one is coming here today. Soooo, here I sit.
Braydon so far this morning has managed to get under my skin by doing little things that I know is not his fault. The 50 million (literally) "but why mommy" questions are enough to aggravate the snot outta me. I know that he is just being curious, and normally try to answer his questions (no matter how many times he asks the same question that I know he knows the answer to). Today, it took everything in my power not to just yell "JUST BECAUSE!!!!" On top of that, he spilled his lunch every where because he wasn't listening to me. Not only did it bug me, but it frustrated me beyond anything because he plain does not listen to me. GRRR! He got sauce on the newly cleaned chairs that Kenney had just spent about 30 minutes scrubbing to get rid of all of the other stains he had put on the chair on Saturday. I had to leave the room because I was really upset.
The thing that gets me is that I know it's not his fault. He (for the most part) is doing things typical of his age. He's not purposely trying to irritate me. It's me. It's my hormones. It's the fact that I am in a foul mood for NO reason. Not one thing has happened today that would justify my poor attitude. And that's why it's bugging me. I laid Braydon down for his nap early and he was just as sweet as can be kissing my belly telling Makenna he would meet her in his dreams. (we normally do this at night---I ask him where he wants to meet us in his dreams.) So when he did this today, it almost made me cry.
And I'm reminded that just because I'm pregnant, I can't let my precious little boy suffer for it.

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Aprille said...

ahhh yes. I can empathize with you sweetie and I am not even pregnant!! Ella just drives me absolutely crazy sometimes. The not listening part is familiar. I have called my mom before and started the conversation off with "Now Mom don't laugh because right now it isn't funny to me but she's just NOT LISTENING to anything I say". This is one of those "my kid is just like me" things in my case. I found myself saying things 5 times before I would finally get so mad I would feel guilty about yelling at her. We are trying different things now because what used to work great isn't working anymore. She built up her immunity to mommy. great. Moral of this story? I don't know - I guess your not the only one who's going nuts and at least you can blame it on hormones - what do I have? haha funny thing is, now even Nate is starting to give me guff lol