Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Let's Make a Deal!

I totally would rock if this game was still around today. I managed to clean out my purse today, and was surprised by some of the contents I found in my purse and therefore issue a challenge to all my loyal readers out there. Go find your purse and dig around and see what ya find and then post a list! No cheating or adding random things! This is my list of random items in my purse (of course not all items are listed just the odd ones!)

-Vicks VapoRub
-Bath & Body works vanilla body spray
-Camp Good Days & Special times kazoo (beat that one!!)
-a pair of shrek the 3rd 2t-3t underwear
-a plastic outlet cover
-"The purpose driven life for commuters" audiotape
-4 different kinds of lip gloss/stick
-a box of melted crayons
-Anbesol maximum strength
-a piece of paper with a "liger" drawn on it from napoleon dynamite
-flash drive
-an empty never been used glasses case.
-a rock


Aprille said...

You must have a bigger purse than I do lol. I have recently slimmed down on that end. I can no longer fit an entire diaper bag's worth into my purse I can gladly say! I only had one remotely interesting thing in there and I thought it was funny - a condom lol. Don't think this is for anything interesting like sex in a strange place lol. This is only because Ella handed it to me the other day and it was the closest semi same place for it. She has taken to throwing them away thinking they are trash. Thank you for cleaning up Ella lol. I finally had to sit her down and explain that they were NOT trash and she needed to stop putting them all in the trash. I kept finding piles of them in my bedroom trashcan. NO MORE BABIES WE NEED THOSE lol. hope your pregnant self gets a kick out of that!

Innocence Underrated said...

Christy, I just read this and am jealous you even have a purse. sigh. I suppose when My son is 3 I too shall have a purse again...mine is literally the diaper bag-i throw my wallet and phone in the diaper bag...blah!