Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Modge's Hodge Podge...

I remember a story my sister told me about back in high school, when Gwen and Rach were working at the country store, an annual fundraising event held by the school. People in the school community donated items to be sold, and there was one corner where all the things that had no where else to belong were put. Apparently, this was the section that Gwen & Rach were working at. They were finding the most hideous things they could find, only to find out that the woman standing right near them was the one who had made them. Whoops.....

Anyways, that really has nothing to do with my post other than the fact that: A) I find that story quite humorous. B) this post contains a lot of random stuff that isn't enough to blog about seperately.

Yesterday was my day back to the doctor for my check up. I waited about a 45 minutes in the waiting room with a very tired, impatient 3 year old. Fortunately, my mom just happened to call me while she was right near the dr's office and picked him up and took him shopping. Sure enough, right after she picked him up, I was called back. So I'm 34 weeks 5 days today, although she's measuring at 36 weeks. I wince at the thought of how big she might be when I go to deliver her. My blood pressure was sky high when they called me back (that's what you get for making me wait 45 mins in the waiting room with a fussy 3 1/2 yr old!!). I was also shaking for some reason, so they let me lay on my side for 10 minutes and took it again. It was much better the second time I guess. She checked my blood sugar too and I guess it was fine.

Time for the good news/bad news. Bad news #1 is that I've officially gained 25 lbs this pregnancy. I only gained 17 with Braydon my entire pregnancy. Bad news #2: The hospital where I'm going to be delivering at has decided the month of December is the best month to begin renovating the L&D floor. So they told me to not be surprised if it was chaotic and disheveled. Labor is bad enough w/o consturction going on. Grrrrr. Good news #1: Makenna has FINALLY decided to get in the right position, and is now head down. Good news #2: If I go into labor, they will not stop it! YAY!!

We've almost finished getting the nursery together. We've still got some last minute touches we'll do, but as soon as we finish, I'll post a picture. All the Christmas presents that have been bought are wrapped (except for all of the ones for Rachel, michal, noah & chloe! my mom gets stuck having to wrap all of them once they get over to england!) I have 3 more gifts that I still have to buy, and then I will be officially ready for Christmas. Go me! =)

Our bible fellowship group at church had a baby shower for us on the 18th, and we got a lot of diapers & TONS of wipes, along with other baby items that we are so thankful for! And I've already gotten the thank you notes written. Another go me! I'm quite proud of this fact.

Oh, and on a final note, I wanted to write about a former co-worker of Kenney's. I will not name him, (first off because I only know his first name, second I don't want to become involved) but we'll just call him "T". Several months ago, "T" became employed in Kenney's department as a drafter. This man was from Germany, but was coming by way of TN. Kenney had mentioned things here and there about his status as an immigrant, and red flags kept coming up in my mind. Having a cousin and a sister who've directly dealt with immigration laws, I knew something wasn't right. Then Kenney mentioned that "T" was looking for a house for his family to rent, and so he tried to help him find a place (being the sweet guy Kenney is.) "T" supposedly "didn't understand" how the social security number system works here, but on his housing application just made up a number. RED FLAG! well, of course this caught the rental company's attention, and he was denied. "T" also asked their boss if he could help him with his car insurance, because he was having problems. Fortunately, Kenney's boss told him no.

The other day, Kenney went to work, and "T" was not there. He was no where to be found. People started calling up to Kenney's job looking for him, as he had written some bad checks. "T"s wife hadn't seen him in a few days, and had not heard from him. She had been in touch with German consulate, and no one had heard from him either. After all of this came out, Kenney found out that "T" had asked the president of the company (who didn't even know "T", and "T" had only been employed there less than 3 months) to borrow $10,000. Then the following Monday, "T" has disappeared, leaving his wife and kids with not a clue as to where he went.

Looking back, it's amazing how many red flags were thrown, but no one caught them. I still don't understand though how he was employed because in order to be paid, you have to have a social security number. And how do you write a bad check if you can't even get a checking account without a social? But I guess its something I'll never know.

And that my dear friends and family, is the updated verion of whats going on with us....

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Aprille said...

re: P 3 - dont get freaked - they said nate was going to be massive and he was normal though he was measuring 2 weeks ahead by the midwives.

re: P 5 - you suck having yours not only bought but wrapped.

re: P 8 - you can get a checking account with a number from the IRS called an ITIN number in case your curious. It is a "we wont let you work but we will let you pay your taxes" number. and thats all a weird story. I'm glad you didn't say he was from Mexico lol.