Friday, November 9, 2007

Whack & Unwrap....

This sticker on top of Terry's Chocolate orange used to crack me up, and in fact it still does...But before I get into that, let me start at the begining (a VERY good place to start...are u singing with me yet?!?)

Today I dropped B off at preschool and had about 20 things on my long "to-do while Braydon is in preschool" list. It's stuff that should have been done in the past few weeks, but alas, it was left for today. So I headed down to Nashville, a little town about 10-15 minutes away to handle some paperwork down at the Nash County building, and after went to the thrift store accross from the court house. On my list was "buy a warm jacket that's not too expensive but will last you through the pregnancy." As many of you know, this task is not an easy one. Finding a cheap jacket anywhere is difficult. Add in the demands of "warm" and that will "fit an 8 month pregnant belly through the rest of her pregnancy", and you've got near impossible. But alas, this little thrift store, which isn't much bigger than a convienence store, I ventured into this store with an optimisitc attitude. Let's just say they had coats alright....They had some very old lady coats. You know the kind I'm referring to. And on top of them being old lady-ish, they were 20+ dollars a piece. There was NO WAY I was paying that much to be dressed like an old woman. Even Myrtle refused to budge on this issue.

On my way out, I just happened to see a section of women's clothing that was seperated from the rest. I walked over and realized that they had a seperate maternity section! Even in this small little place! I began looking through the clothes, and came accross a Liz Lange Maternity jacket. It was a size XXL, which was VERY big on me, but it met the qualifications of "warm" and it will definately fit me through the rest of my pregnancy. When I looked at the tag, it said $5, I about jumped up & down. So I had marked off the paperwork, and finding a jacket off of my long list.

Next, it was off to the consignment shop to drop off a tub of items and a car seat. Once I got there, I found out that they are only accepting items by appointments only now. Blah. I had carried that huge tub out to my car all by myself this morning FOR NO REASON!! Plus, we could really use the $. Oh well. I made an appointment for the 12th, and walked out. I looked at the clock and realized I only had an hour left and still PLENTY of things on my to-do list. I stopped by the post office and mailed a package, which took forever because the man didn't know what he was doing with international packages (heads up Rach, there's one a'coming your way!). I filled out 3 different custom forms before he figured it out. Then I filled out insurance papers, only to find out that it was already included in the priority mail. Blah. Silly postal workers. Where's the man who always handles my mom's packages and never messes them up when I need him? Sure enough, as I'm walking out, Larry says, "Hey Christy, sending something to your sister?" Grrr.

I had to go grocery shopping, and since Harris Teeter was right next to the post office, that's where I went. As I was walking in, I realized that today & tomorrow they are tripling coupons up to 99 cents! I was so excited, but soon realized my coupons were sitting on the table beside our front door. I had laid them down to help Braydon zip his coat up on the way out of the house. ugh! I managed to get some of the stuff that I needed that I knew I didn't have coupons for. I managed to have a few coupons in my planner, and used them. I got a 5 pack of Pampers wipes which was on sale from 12 dollars down to 9.99, and I had a 50 cents off coupon, so I saved an extra 1.50 off. It made it cheaper to buy the 5 pack than to buy the 3 pack! YAY! Also, I got a 60 count pack of diapers that were on sale from 15.99 to 14.99, and then got an extra 2.00 off in coupons. I must say I forgot about how much adding diapers & wipes to your grocery bill makes it so much more expensive. When I looked at the total, it was nearly 50 dollars, and it felt like I had hardly bought anything, until I remembered the diapers and wipes. *sigh*At this point, it was 11:38, and I had to pick Braydon up no later than noon. It was just enough time not to be able to run home, drop off groceries and make it there, so I figured it was pretty cold outside, the milk and cheese should be ok in the car for the few minutes I was there to pick him up.

So from my long "to do" list, I only managed to get about 5 things done. I suppose the rest can wait. But now, here I am, with a sleepy 3 1/2 year old who is getting ready to fall asleep, and a chocolate orange which I am about to "whack and unwrap." I know you're jealous, aren't you?!?!? =)


Aprille said...

Man. All I have is a picked over Halloween bag. Not a speck of chocolate to be found. Including a whack and unwrap orange. Lucky girl. Yay for the coat!! Go Myrtle!

bethany said...

I'm jealous of your orange!

laurahill said...

so, i take it you don't need me to take anything to your sister?
i so love chocolate and orange!
why do you and your sister get me
on all this great food stuff..
btw, love the new coat!
~aunt laura

Anonymous said...

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