Friday, December 14, 2007

B's preschool Christmas program

Tonight, Braydon's preschool had their christmas program. It was so cute! They taught them "Open the eyes of my heart" which brought tears to my eyes to hear them singing and see them signing the words. I was teary because: A) I'm 9 months pregnant B) I was sad my mom couldn't be there. We missed you mom, and thats why I posted them tonight so you can see them in the morning when you get to Rachel's.
This is Braydon & his buddy Aaron. They look like they're up to something as always!
Signing AND singing "open the eyes of my heart, Lord"
"To see you high and lifted up...."
"open the eyes of my heart..."
Getting set for his classes' song on stage

B used his "binoculars" to find mommy
He found me! (i know its blurry but this expression is priceless!)
Braydon, Papa & Daddy outside the sanctuary
B and his Papa

the Rue Crew

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