Thursday, December 20, 2007


Last night, Papa came over for dinner since he is leaving today to go join my mom in England to spend Christmas with my sister and her family. After eating, we played a rousing game of CANDY LAND! This game is great for Braydon. It teaches his patience, to listen, to follow directions, to take turns, etc.

Not only does this game teach those principles, in a way it's helping prepare them for real life. Think about it. Braydon pulled the "Princess Frostine" card and got to skip almost to the end of the game. Shortly after drawing that card, he pulled the gingerbread card, which made him go almost all the way back to the beginning! How much closer to real life lessons can you get for a 3 year old? How many times have you gotten so close to the "Candy Castle" just to find out you have to go ALLLLLL the way back to where you started from? It also teaches them to be excited when other people finish the game, even if its before you! (Braydon ended up finishing last which he was upset about until he found out he got to pick up card after card without having to let someone else go!

After we finished Candy Land, it was time for Braydon to go to bed, and Papa to say goodbye. Braydon was sad to wave bye bye to Papa, but I got this cute picture! It reminds me of a picture I've seen before!


Sgt and Mrs Hub said...

Yay for good grandpas! Glad you all had a fun night together. Eve adores Candyland as well. She'd play it every night if we let her. :)


Anonymous said...

Ok, this one was fine till i saw the pictures
at the made me cry.
i sure love you guys...
and my big brother.
and ALL of you!