Sunday, December 9, 2007

Christmas came early!

Well, for the Sumner's, we celebrated Christmas on December 8th since my parents will be in the UK visiting my sister and her family. We spent Friday night over there so we could wake up and have a nice breakfast and a fun filled day. B woke up barking which surprised my mom, but is nothing new to us!!
We opened stockings, then opened up gifts from my grandparents in NY and from my parents. We then just relaxed around the house. B took a nap, while Kenney & I went on a walk. It seemed odd to be celebrating Christmas when it was beautiful outside, but I guess that's what you can expect from NC weather. (On a side note, it's supposed to be 78 degrees tomorrow.) We then had our Christmas dinner, and then had some of my parents friends' over for dessert. It was a really nice weekend, but it still makes me sad thinking they won't be here on Christmas. Hopefully Makenna will make an appearance to keep my mind off the fact that they'll be gone....
Anyways, here are some pictures of the weekend....
Daddy & Braydon being boys....(as soon as this was taken they began to wrestle, can you tell?!?)
Papa & B
Ama modeling her new sweater
The 9 month pregnant blob holding up her new willow tree angel her Grandparents gave her (it's the "new life one" which celebrates the start of a new life...pretty neat huh? I ended up getting 3 diff. Willow tree angel things, I was so excited!)
B wearing his "cookie monster" hat along with his new jammies he got from Papa & Ama
Kenney showing his NC State bank he got ( if you'll notice, I've cropped myself out of the picture as much as possible! hahaha!)

B got his first board game & he's already played it SEVERAL times!

My grandparents got B some lincoln logs so he could build log homes just like his Daddy. How neat is that?!?
Our "Christmas" dinner
Part of the family (so when you guys take your half, Rach, you guys will have to be on the other side so we crop it together!! HAHAHA!)


laurahill said...

thanks for sharing sorry to have missed it! i was just sooo wiped out from my marathon with the airport/airplane and customs.I slept for 12 hrs each night for 3 nights in a row!
Uncle Jim and I want to come to Rocky Mt near Christmas to see y'all..what do you think?
let us know..
and you have such a QT for a boy ;-)!

bethany said...

Awww, you guys all look so great!
Merry Christmas! Hehe :)