Friday, December 14, 2007

"Christy, it's expired...."

We were in Walmart the other night doing some grocery shopping, when we walked by the rice on the shelf. Kenney looked at me and said "we've got to use up all that rice we have in our cupboard!" I just smiled and said yes. Later that evening, while putting away the groceries, Kenney opened up the cabinet to look at the 9 unopened boxes of Zataran's rice sitting there. "See, there's all that good rice, just sitting here!" I love that rice, don't get me wrong. It just takes 30 minutes to make, and a lot of times, I'm just to lazy and the 90 second microwave rice wins out almost everytime. "Um, actually I think some of it is expired though." he said. I told him that it was boxed, and most of those have like a 2 or 3 year shelf life. "Christy, it's expired...Look!! August of 2006!"

I have to admit, I'm not too detail oriented. Surprise, surprise, I know! I've had expired food in my kitchen, without me even realizing it. Not just somewhat expired as in the last month or two. This is over a year expired. That's just bad.

The sad thing is, it didn't stop there. Last night, while we were getting dinner on the table, I told Kenney we had some ranch dressing in the fridge if he wanted some for his onion rings. *by the way, when my hubby cooks, he does an amazing job!!* He grabbed it and looked at it. It too said Dec of 2006! Ewwwww!! At this point, I was so thankful that I don't eat much salad or use ranch dressing. Ok, so now there are two things that were in my house that expired in 2006. The sad thing is we moved into this house in March of 2007. So we had moved expired food without even looking at it or thinking about it.

I know you're thinking "This girl doesn't clean her fridge, and that's just nasty." The thing is that we clean our fridge a lot. I'm constantly getting rid of stuff that has sat too long, and making sure the milk and eggs are always fresh. But who thinks about their salad dressing's expiration date? Or their rice?

And that's when it hit me. God was giving me a tangible lesson on something He's already clearly spoken to me. Getting rid of the things from the past. Now the obvious ones I have gotten rid of, just like I make sure that the milk & eggs are always fresh. But what about the ones in my life that are lurking around, that I don't give much attention to, but yet have clearly reached their expiration date? Like the rice and the salad dressing? So, now I'm on a mission. Not only to go through my cabinets and fridge to throw out all the expired things, but through my life as well to see if there's anything that needs to be thrown out. What about you? Do you have anything in your "kitchen" that's past it's expiration and you just don't realize it?

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