Thursday, December 6, 2007

I gotta have one!

When I was pregnant with Braydon, I can honestly say there was only one thing that I craved. I HAD to have grapefruits and lots of them. But not the ones you buy from the grocery store. The ones my grandma picks from her tree in her own yard and sends to us from Florida. I remember one morning, we were almost out of the grapefruits my grandma had sent us and I scarfed mine down in like 2 seconds flat! I looked around the table, my dad had already started eating his. Rachel was already eating hers. And then I looked at my mom. (I love her so much!) She saw me starring at her grapefruit and gave me her grapefruit and ate something else for breakfast. I mean normally I love grapefruits, but I HAD to have them when I was pregnant with B. As my sister said that if I had to have a craving, atleast it was a healthy one!!
Well, I cannot say the same for this pregnancy. The things I've craved this pregnancy have been the following: pizza, pancakes, soft pretzels, and pink lemonade. Ironically, they all start with a "P". But I can't get enough of them. Any of them. I can eat them, whenever. And literally day after day and not get sick of them. In fact, the people at Papa Johns are now familiar with my voice, and the lady at Target starts getting my pretzel ready as soon as she sees me walk through the door. (On a side note, Papa Johns has a special for $5 on Monday & tuesday if you go pick them up, and Target has a special where you can get a big soft pretzel and medium drink for $2!!)

But yesterday, i saw a "recipe" in one of my older cooking magazines for making soft pretzels at home. You take Pillsbury breadsticks (the ones from a can) and you shape them into pretzels. Put them into the oven at 375 for about 8 minutes. I melted butter and spread it onto the pretzels with a little brush, and then added kosher salt on top. Let me tell you that it was a little bit of pregnancy heaven for me. =) The perfect thing is that they're the perfect size for Braydon, and small enough so I can have a couple of them!! YUMMMMMMMYYYYYY!!


Britney said...

I'm so excited about this recipe! I have been thinking about looking for one online because I bought a box of 25 soft pretzels in the freezer section at Meijer (a Walmart type store) and I LOVE them. I eat them all the time...except now I am down to only a few and I have to ration them because I haven't been able to find them again.

Sgt and Mrs Hub said...

It has been tater tots for me - the same food for all three pregnancies. I love them but rarely let myself eat them. I have to say i am really digging Clementine oranges right now. I literally eat boxes of them each week. Daniel just looks at me funny, but he humors me. Good man. Never get between a pregnant woman and her food!