Thursday, December 27, 2007

I married my father?!?

You've probably heard that we choose our spouse based upon our opposite sex parent. So, many of the qualities that I saw in Kenney were the ones that my own father possesses. His over-protectiveness is one of the things that bugs me, but I mean hey, atleast he cares for me THAT much to be worried about even the little things. But that's not the reason for this post...As I was looking through my pictures from Christmas morning, I was surprised to find a picture with my husband displaying the very essence of my own father, and it was kinda creepy....For those of you who know my dad really well this one won't surprise you. When he's focusing on something really hard, or doing something difficult his Sumner tongue comes out, and somehow having it out gives him the extra help he needs! (or SOMETHING like that! =) haha) Well anyways, here's the picture of my husband, which made me do a double that MY kenney or MY Dad?!?

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Aprille said...

I do this too haha }=p