Monday, December 10, 2007

Mixed feelings

Today, after reading a friend's blog, who is due around the same time as me, I've realized she took the words out of my mouth. I have forgotten what is to come. The sleepless nights, the sore boobs, the foggy "which side did I start with last time", the laundry, and the incredible responsibility of caring for a newborn again. But with all of these "bad" experiences that God has some how helped me forget is all the joyous occasions just waiting for Kenney and I to experience together. The first time we hear her cry, counting her fingers and toes, feeling her kick me from the outside instead of inside of me, etc. It creates such a mixed emotion inside of me, and I'm just a mess to be perfectly honest. *stupid hormones!*


laurahill said...

you will do fine...
you're a great mom!:)
and if you need some extra help,
call me.
i will gladly come
and do whatever i can...

Aprille said...

Not as bad the second time around. Much easier. Have K write down which side, when, how long for the first week while your brain is dead. After that it gets easier. You are able to enjoy it more.

I will put my disclaimer like on your sisters blog - I hope you don't want to hit me soon. =)