Monday, December 31, 2007

Our gift from above!

Well, so as many of you know, I never made it to my scheduled induction! After my appointment on Friday, I had been in some pain but it was the same as usual (not the ones that came at any intervals, and the ones that did eventually stopped.) I had the first contraction worth any note at 10:40, and they came about every ten minutes after that. I tried to get some sleep through the first couple of hours, although this was difficult. I knew I was going to need energy, but kept waking up in pain. My stomach was also growling, but I really didn’t want to eat anything because I didn’t want to get sick.

At midnight, they slowly reached 5 minutes apart from each other. Kenney’s reply through his sleepiness was “Wow, you really are trying to have her tomorrow!” He went back to sleep, and I watched tv, walked around the house, anything to try to pass the time. Kenney woke up around 1:45 to me on the birthing ball in a lot of pain, and he asked me how far a part they were. When I told him they were between 3 and 5 minutes apart, he jumped up and asked if we should be getting dressed to go to the hospital. I knew there was no point in rushing to the hospital, since I would be forced to have an IV and lay in an uncomfortable bed with monitors all over me. I told him to go back to sleep, and got into the bathtub which helped some but not all that much.

Kenney got up anyways and got dressed and finished getting our things ready for us to go when I told him I was ready. Finally at 2:30, I called my parents house to let them know that I was ready to go to the hospital. They were our house a little while later, and my dad stayed here with B since he was asleep. (By the way, our nervous “Braydon”-sitter cleaned our kitchen while I was in labor. =) Thank you!)

When we arrived at Nash General, they hooked me up to the monitors, and her heartbeat was strong, and I must admit I was very discouraged by the contractions that I saw on the monitor. They were short and not very significant, but I was feeling a lot of pain. (On a side note, she had the monitor in the wrong spot, thats why they weren't showing as very strong, which made me feel better in hindsight!) She checked me and I was 3 ½ cms and 80%. I was disappointed because as I said, I had already been through many contractions and had only progressed ½ of a centimeter!! They suggested I get up and walk for an hour which Kenney and I did. It was quite uncomfortable but I knew that at this point gravity was my friend!! So we walked up and down the 3 wings of the 2nd floor, and by the nursery. I walked for about 45 minutes, then I decided that I wanted to get back on the birthing ball. My tail bone was really hurting and this was one of the things that really helped me at home. They checked me again I was 4 cms and called the on call OB, who said they would admit me. They moved me to a labor & delivery suite. This room was “our” room: I had given birth to Braydon in that room, and Rachel had given birth to Noah in this room. It felt like home, even though it was newly remodeled. (On a side note, I mentioned previously that they were renovating L&D in December, which fortunately was finished by our arrival!)

Once we were in the L&D suite at 6ish AM, my contractions began intensifying and it was at the point that I was begging for the epidural! Unfortunately, they had to do all the routine things before I could get my epidural, like blood work, IV and two bags of fluid. The contractions continued to get stronger and stronger, and all I wanted was the epidural. I was quickly losing focus and I noticed that even in between contractions, I was so tense that I never had a “rest” time in between. I knew this was not a good sign for me. I had been struggling with focused breathing. That’s when I hit the “zone” as my mom called it. The only was I can explain this is prayer---the contractions were extremely rough, but I was the calmest I had been since arriving at the hospital. I went somewhere inside myself, trying to draw on my memory of all the shows that I had watched with women using doulas. I focused internally and tried to imagine my body opening. I know it sounds retarded, but it’s what helped me get through it. My breathing was in control, and its this focused effort that helped me progress.

All of the sudden, I felt this HUGE urge like I had to go to the bathroom. This feeling was overwhelming. I kept telling Kenney and my mom this and my mom explained it was just her head making its way down. This urge was indescribable. Finally after telling them this like 50 times in a row, the nurse said she would check me, and I was already at 8 ½ cms. I had progressed from 4 to 8 ½ in less than an hour. They called Dr. Van Zant to tell him to HURRY up, that they would need him immediately. When I heard this, my mind flashed to the epidural. I had heard story after story (um, like my sister!!) of when they reach the “point of no epidural” and you’re pretty much out of luck. I asked in vain, knowing full well the answer to my question, “Do I still get my epidural?” My mom’s voice confirmed my suspicion: “Just keep breathing honey.” Kenney was an excellent partner reminding me to breathe, and to breathe out. I remembered to breathe in, but struggled breathing it out. It mostly came out as a moan. I had never understood how women in labor could moan. I found out!!

That urge of needing to go to the bathroom just increased and it got to the point where I literally could do nothing but push. I kept telling them “I’m sorry I’m pushing, I know I’m not supposed to but I can’t stop.” She tried to check me again, and there was a thin rim of cervix left (and also Dr. Van Zant was not at the hosptial!) and they told me to pant. YEAH RIGHT. Those of you who have had natural childbirth understand that you just can not stop a freight train of a baby from coming out when they are ready. I heard one of the nurses shout, “GO GET DR. VAN ZANT! GO GET HIM!” Within seconds of this I felt her shoot out of me literally and was so confused. My water broke as she was coming out of me. I looked up and saw two nurses at the foot of my bed working frantically, so I thought something was wrong with Makenna. Kenney reassured me she was ok, and I relaxed. What I did not understand that in the midst of everything happening so fast, Dr. Van Zant never even made it in the room. He wasn’t even at the hospital yet!! So we had some very surprised L & D nurses who got to deliver our blessing girl! They didn't have time to even take the foot of my bed off. They just basically caught her! Just as they had finished handing the baby off to the nursery lady, Dr. Van Zant came into the room, and he felt horrible! He had stopped by the office to get my chart since he wasn’t familiar with me, I had only seen him one time before He is a wonderful Christian man who volunteers at the pregnancy care center in town and attends another Baptist church in the area. He figured since it had taken me an hour to get from 3.5 to 4, that he had time. But you could tell he felt terrible!! He finished everything up, and he kept apologizing, but there was no need. Leave it to me to have to “shake things up!”

Our Makenna Rae Elise Rue joined our family naturally at 7:32 AM, on Saturday, December 29th, 2007. She weighed 7 lbs, 6 oz and was 19 ½ inches long. Her dark hair covered her head, and her APGAR scores were 9 & 9. She nursed wonderfully, and was perfectly healthy, which we thank God for.
Makenna in her BLUE coming home outfit!The proud big brother!!
We got to come home from the hospital yesterday around noon, and are enjoying our amazing new addition! As my dad said in one of his blogs, “All good gifts around us, are sent from Heaven above. So thank the Lord, Oh Thank the Lord for all his love!”

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The Ketchams said...

She is beautiful!! Congrats to both you and Kenney! And without an! Way to go!

Innocence Underrated said...

Yay Christy! Congrats on the beautiful baby girl! You and Rachel are lucky to have little kids so close to each other. And way to go on the natural childbirth! It's definitely amazing feeling each and every pain, movement, everything. Makes that beautiful baby so worth it! Enjoy!

Anonymous said...

Hey Christy!!

I had left a message on Rachel's blog not realizing that you had one--you can tell I'm not that familiar with this blog thing--and then I saw yours and read about your amazing delivery! Whoa! Praise the Lord that she is here and everything is fine. She is really beautiful. Congratulations to you all and Happy New Year!!!

Numbers 6:24-26

Rachel said...

Yay for Makenna!

Melanie said...

Congratulations cousin!

Aprille said...

haha man is this bringing back some memories lol. I cant believe it has been almost a year since my boy shot into the world. I am glad all went well and cudos on the natural birth. It really is an amazing thing and I am glad that you got to experience it. It gives you a great sense of what you really can handle.

Stewarts said...

Yeah! Welcome to the club of no epidurals. :) Praise God that she's here and healthy! Say boo when you are ready for visitors.

Sgt and Mrs Hub said...

Yay! I am SO thrilled for you all! She is gorgeous (of course! ) and it seems to all have gone smoothly. Such a relief isn't it! I know for me I kept saying to everyone "I'm not pregnant anymore!!!" They just laughed at me, but seriously, I was ecstatic!

Enjoy your beautiful baby girl!