Sunday, December 23, 2007

Who says Christmas lasts just one day?

For us, we've celebrated Christmas with my parents on December 8th, with my Aunt Laura & Uncle Jim last Sunday, and then today with Kenney's family. (Of course, we'll celebrate Christmas on Christmas day itself, too!) His parents, his sister Kim, his brother Lamont and his three kids Kendra, Zavier and Isaiah came down for a few hours today after church. We had a wonderful time with them, and were so thankful that they made the trip down to see us since we can't really travel. After a few hours of opening presents, eating cookies, a series of "Potato Head" races, they headed back to Virginia and Braydon headed for a much needed nap! Here are some of the pictures....(By the way Aunt Laura, Kenney's brother Lamont gave B a transformer Potato Head, and so they brought down the Santa Potato Head and had races trying to see who could dress the potato heads faster! It was great!!)

Kenney with his two nephews
Uncle Lamont helping B open up his cool car while Kendra looks on...
All of the cousins trying to put together the bioncles toys we gave them.
Kenney and his mom with Braydon

Part of the "potato head" races.....Uncle KK lost...Lamont lost....and the Santa potato head was the "easier" one to put together (according to the older brothers who LOST!!)

Braydon loves his Chi-Chi
Saying goodbye to his Papa Rue
And to Nana....
Braydon played with his curious george plane Aunt Kimmy got him. He said that he was flying over to "engle-LAND". He rested the plane on one side of the room, and then went and sat down on the couch across the room. When I asked him why he did that he said "I live in a whole different country from Engle-Land Mommy!"


Anonymous said...

I'm so glad you had such a good time. It's fun to have Christmas last for weeks! Braydon is so funny with his plane. I can't believe he understands that Eagle-land is in another country! I hope you have a relaxing Critmas Eve and Christmas Day! We want to watch you open presents on the web cam, so be sure to call us before you start! Love you and miss you Mom

Anonymous said...

So cool that Mr.Potato Head
was a double hit!!
It's always fun to have Christmas last so long>
it was great to see you guys and we are looking forward to meeting the next addition to your lovely family*
Makenna, we can't wait
to see you and hold you
little darling one!:-}
love you all~Tia