Monday, January 7, 2008

MOOOOOO and what not....

My pretty girl!!
I just love it when he tries to love on her!! sooo sweet!

I've successfully breastfed my baby now for 10 days!! Yay! go me!! I've also managed to pump and store my first "my mommy's milk" bag. I invested in a really good pump (the Medela Pump in style) because I was determined to breastfeed this baby. It was worth the money I think. Anyways, Makenna has gained all of her weight back, and Friday we go back to the doctor to see how well she's doing. Based upon her feeding schedule, we shouldn't have a problem in that area. She was nursing almost every hour at night, but she's now moved to eating every 2-2.5 hours! I was proud of myself because today was the first day that I managed to feed her w/o use of either of my hands, which freed them up to work on a crossword puzzle! Not too bad for a newby at this breastfeeding thing huh?!?

Aside from enjoying my time with my kiddos, we've had a lot of company visit, which is just great! I LOVE showing off our little ladybug! Anyone who wants to visit is welcome, just give me a heads up!! =) Here's a picture of Uncle Larry & Aunt Erin visiting on Sunday afternoon.

And here's a short video of my handsome boy singing his version of Papa's lullaby to his sister! I love it! You might have to turn your volume up a lot because it's kinda hard to hear....



Sgt and Mrs Hub said...

She is absolutely gorgeous! That's awesome with the nursing! Go Christy!


Melanie said...

Way to go on the nursing!

Anonymous said...

we're so happy for all of you...
CUTE kids
and i'm very proud of the fact
that you are determined
to give Makenna what is best!
You go, girl!
~ Tia

Aprille said...

great job girl - yummy babies I tell you. Yummy

Rachel said...

I like the picture of her in purple. It's a nice color on her.

Noah sings the same song to Chloe when she's in the (same) swing! I'll take some video for you.

And yay for breastfeeding! I have about 10 full bags in the freezer, ut I still can't bring myself to give her a bottle. I don't know why.

By the way, where the heck are you?? I know you're online but I don't see you signed on. I have to talk to you.

Innocence Underrated said...

she's too cute! way to go on bf-ing! it was so easy to pump the extra and freeze it in the beginning with all that milk flowing! of course, like rachel I have lots of bags of milk...and he rarely gets a when he started solids/cereal that's where it's been going! glad you all are enjoying her!

Anonymous said...

Hearing Braydon singing "Little Lamb" to Makenna is priceless. Knowing Noah does the same to Chloe is just as awesome! Those pictures of Ladybug make me want to get in the car and drive straight over and take her in my arms! Being these children's grandfather is a privilege beyond imagination!