Sunday, January 20, 2008

SNOW, a four letter word?

When we lived in NY, snow was definately one of those four letter words that ranks high up there with the "f" bomb, according to my dad. Bless his heart, he always had to shovel a path from our house to our cars, and he had the lovely task of uncovering our cars and starting them. And then he would come inside to finish getting dressed, and most mornings would end up stepping in melted snow and have to change socks. That's part of the reason they moved to NC.

The weathermen all predicted a storm of 2-4 inches, which virtually stops everything down here. They said it would hit around noon at first, which came and went, with only rain to show. Then they said 4PM, which also came and went with only rain to show. We had a VERY excited 3.5 year old running back and forth to the window to see if it was snowing yet. By 8 last night, my poor child was so disappointed that it had not snowed as predicted.

With his head dropped, he headed up the stairs to go get ready for bed, and my heart about broke. Don't tell us we're going to get 2-4 inches and then we don't get anything. He was heartbroken. But after Kenney had gotten him in his PJs, and almost ready for bed, he looked out the window, and THERE WAS SNOW! Well, we had to get him dressed and let him go outside. My dearest boy was so excited, and we were so thankful that God sent him snow (but only the kind that melts when it hits the ground!)

Trying to catch snowflakes, look at their faces!! (Perhaps Mom's students are rubbing off on her!)


Rachel said...

Haha.. they look like they're waiting for the mothership or somethign!

Britney said...

You could bring the kids on a vacation to IN and see lots of snow! We had an unseasonable warm spell last week, but we're back to temperatures in the teens this week. Yesterday we got about an inch of snow and the wind chill was -14. Oh to live in NC on days like that!

Anonymous said...

Jimmy was SO disappointed about the "no snow" not to mention Carolina's loss. Actually I was pretty excited to see NC State win their game. But naturally he was not in the best mood yesterday, so this morning when we left to go to church he stepped out the door and said sarcastically, "Well, just look at all that snow we have! We have so much snow it's invisible!" I couldn't help laughing but I am so glad we didn't have to cancel services because I would have missed worship. Braydon, Jimmy was just as excited as you to see the few flakes that did fall! He insisted on taking our kitten out (in his arms) to see the snow. Oh well. Maybe we'll have enough to play in next time. God bless!

Numbers 6:24-26

Sgt and Mrs Hub said...

Braydon would LOVE Vermont! We have tons of snow up here.... much to Daniel's chagrin. He hates the cold with a passion.

I love the pictures! Too funny :)