Thursday, January 24, 2008

Treasuring the "firsts"

These children that God gives us grow up far too quickly, don't you think? I mean one minute you're doing everything for them, and then the next they're helping you take care of their sibling! This time around I'm treasuring each and every "first" of Makenna's. (I'm not saying I didn't appreciate Braydon's as much, but I'm much more aware of how important these things are!) So in light of the fact that Makenna will be 4 weeks old on Saturday, here are a few new pictures of a few of her "first" things....

Makenna's first sponge bath at home!

Makenna's first pair of shoes!

Makenna's *almost* first dress....If i have time to blog later tonight, I've got a story about that!

Makenna's first REAL bath!!

The first time Makenna peed on Daddy!!

1 comment:

Rachel said...

Cute dress! Hope that one stayed poopie-free! I've put in a request for some bows like that to mom. Can you hook her up for me?