Friday, February 29, 2008

Happy 2 months!

Today officially marks Makenna's 2 months of being alive (although technically this past Saturday was 8 weeks, so tomorrow she'll be 9 weeks, if that makes any sense.) Do I go by the actual weeks or by the date of the 29th? Anyways, the last time we went to the doctor, Makenna weighed 9 lbs 14 oz. Her 2 month check up is on March 7th, so I'm sure I'll let you know her updated stats then.

I received a phone call on Monday saying that my doctor had scheduled some tests for Makenna at the day hospital. I was unaware that she even needed any more tests. When I left the doctor's office on the day of the "doctor disaster" it was my understanding that all Makenna needed was some antibiotics and she'd be good to go. As a mother, I automatically freaked out, called Kenney and then ran to my source for everything: the good ol' internet. This is good and bad, because sometimes TOO much information can scare you for no reason. She's having two seperate tests done, and from what I've read, 50-75% of infants who have urinary tract infections this young have congenital malformations of the urinary tract or kidney. Or there's the possibility that she has vesicoureteral (VU) reflux or renal reflux, which I guess means her urine goes back up into her rather than coming back out first?
The nurse reassured me this is routine for them to schedule both of these tests as a follow up for an infant with a UTI. And I've got two friends who have kids that have had the same procedures, and they've assured me that it goes by quickly but can be painful. Her tests are scheduled for this Tuesday and hopefully we'll get the results when we go in on Friday for her 2 month check up.
But anyways, Happy 2 months, Makenna Rae Elise! We can't wait to watch you grow up. We love your smile and your little kitty cat "cries". We love you very much and are so thankful for our little girl!

Thursday, February 28, 2008

dating with a breast pump?

So, the other night, Kenney & I both ventured into new territory...Our first date night WITHOUT both kids! We left them with my parents and I was quite nervous because I wasn't sure if she'd take the bottle while we were gone. I suppose I wouldn't have worried much if we were just going out in Rocky Mount. We went to the NC State-Florida State game In Raleigh, which is 45 minutes away! Just getting everything together was quite a task in and of itself, but finally (almost 45 minutes later than we had planned), we left Rocky Mount and set off for first (of many, I hope!) date night!

As I got into Kenney's car, I handed him my breast pump. It dawned on me that this was odd. I've never pumped any where other than my house and my parents house. This would definitely be a first for me. I jokingly asked Kenney how it felt to be dating a woman AND a breast pump? Of course he made a crude comment.
My first experience pumping in the car went pretty well. I managed to only accidentally flash a truck driver once while pumping, and managed to get all of the milk (minus a drop or two) into where it needed to go. thankfully it was cold outside, although I had brought ice packs to keep the milk until we got home. I was happy to hear that Makenna managed to drink two bottles without a problem, but was very fussy the rest of the night. This is the first time anyone has taken care of her besides Kenney or myself. I know I should probably put her in nursery at church, but I don't like the idea of that just yet.

We went with our good friends Larry & Erin, and even though we were pretty much all the way in the nose bleed section, we had a GREAT time, and can't wait to hang out with them again.
Great people, great time, not so great loss (again).

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

wordless wednesday fotofest

Here is my enteries for my sister, Rachel's, aka "American Mum" Wordless Wednesday fotofest...If you want to join, click on the link on my sidebar!
"My sister did it"

"These boots were made for walkin'..."

Friday, February 22, 2008

I'm a sucker for a good story...

I'm sorta stealing this from a post on myspace, but ever since then, I'm dying to know more...

So, please tell me.....What was the weirdest gift you received as a wedding present? What did you do with it?

Here is our weirdest wedding present: When we returned to our townhouse after we left our reception to change, we saw a bag on our bed. I thought maybe Kenney's best man had left him a gift, but when we opened it....I turned red. (Dad stop reading here! haha!)

In this bag was "Very Sexy" lotion from Victoria's secret, a feather, a package of edible underwear (eww!), and a 4 pack of "Hearts of fire" lubricant (in 4 different fragrances). Kenney told me who it was from:

HIS MOTHER!!!!!!!!!!!

Not only was this weird, it was very awkward....It's never been spoken about since, nor will it ever be!!!

Raising Bi-racial children

If you couldn't tell, my husband is black, and I'm white. And when you mix our DNA together, you come out with bi-racial children. Not only are they amazingly beautiful (but I'm not biased, at ALL!!) but they have the unique advantage of embracing two different cultures. I chuckled the other day at Wal-mart when we were walking down the aisles looking for hair products for Makenna. I went down a new aisle I myself have no clue about: the "African American hair products" aisle. I felt a little lost for a few minutes because Kenney had taken Braydon to see the fish really quick. Not only did I feel like I didn't belong there, I had no clue what I was supposed to be getting. Eventually I found something and Kenney returned and affirmed my choice of hair product. For some reason, I felt instantly validated that it was okay that I was on that aisle when Kenney came to my side. It sounds silly, but I did. A lot of the black people in Rocky Mount assume all white people are racist. And often times, they are. But not all of us are, and it can be weird to have to "prove" you're "okay" and not a racist.

I know that my kids will face racism, since we live where we live and in fact Braydon already has. There are a lot of racial tensions in the area, and I am not naive enough to think that they won't ever feel the hurt of someone's insensitive words or harsh stares.In today's society, it's hard for them, despite the growing number of bi-racial people. For example, when filling out Makenna's application for a social security card, I got to the "race" question, and reached a dilemma. Normally, if a form does not offer a "bi-racial" option, I select both black and white. But this form offered no bi-racial option, and it said I could only select one. What was I to do? Was Makenna more white or more black? Well, she was neither, because she has half white DNA and half black DNA. But they didn't allow for this option and that frustrated me. If I selected "black" would Makenna grow up feeling she was more black if she found out that her "official" race was black? Or the same with white? I called Kenney and he didn't know what to do either. I hadn't filled it out with Braydon, because the hospital had applied for his SSN. I finally decided to leave it blank because it was optional and I couldn't pick one over the other. So how do I raise my two children (and any more that God might give us someday) to recongnize both their races and to be proud of who they are? To not claim or prefer one over the other, since they are equally black and equally white?

I suppose we raise them according to the Bible, to love all people, to serve others. We teach them lessons we've learned and be ourselves. Kenney is black, not "ghetto". Braydon can grow up having a Godly, successful black man as a role model, and won't feel like he is trapped into becoming what unfortunately has become a norm in his culture. Braydon can also look to his maternal grandfather and see a Godly, successful white man. He can see that he can become both Godly and successful, and race does not have to limit him. The same goes for Makenna.

My prayer for them is that God would allow them to use their race as a tool to bring people into His Kingdom, to advance the knowledge that God loves the world, and that Jesus died on the cross for all races and all cultures, for everyone.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

When the "Jones" leave you behind...

I have to admit, my life is quite different than what I thought it would be when I graduated high school. I had lofty ambitions, and just knew I was going to conquer the world. Who knew that my idea of "conquering" would include managing to survive the "doctor disaster", or managing to keep sane while having no adult conversation during the day, surrounded by poopy diapers and PBS.

It's hard for me a lot of the time to be content with where I am as a person and now as a family. I struggle with comparing my life with those of my friends, family, and the occasional stranger. Close friends finding success by climbing the corporate ladder, purchasing new homes, etc. My "Jones" left me behind a long time ago, and it's frustrating to have to always see their backs. I long to be walking next to them, or heck, even in front of them if I'm completely honest. I'm not asking for designer clothes, or living a posh life. I just want to be able to live life without significant constraints. I want to decide where we're going to live based on something else besides how much we can afford. I want to buy groceries without having to put stuff back once we get to the register because we've spent too much.

I've always struggled with this idea of feeling like I'm behind "them". I can remember growing up watching my cousins wear Abercrombie & Fitch, and I went to Lily's consignment shop. This was so upsetting to me, and I never understood why my parents didn't buy me these things. My cousins went to Florida every year and went on all of these nice trips. We made it down to Richmond to visit my dad's family every once in a while.

My mom has helped me put things into perspective, which is nice. She said that they made sacrafices in life that they felt was vital for my sister and I. She stayed at home and was there every day when we got home from school. They sent us to a christian school. And they lived in a cramped, small house (that some how by the grace of God managed to meet our needs until we didn't need it anymore.) My mom said she remembers going to the grocery store with a calculator to make sure that we stayed on budget. Kenney and I are making sacrafices too for Braydon and Makenna. We are surviving with one income so that I can be the one to kiss booboos and impact their lives on an hourly, and daily basis. And I know now what it feels like to have to say "no" to your child and feel horrible about saying it. As a parent, we want to give them the world if we could, but it's not possible. So, Mom and Dad, please forgive me for what I did not understand, and for upsetting you when I got mad.

Monday, February 18, 2008

my brown eyed girl....

Sunday, February 17, 2008

sleepless nights, the doctor disaster & the aftermath....

On Wednesday, I put Makenna to sleep and laid down myself around 7 PM, thinking that it was like any other night, and would have about 2-2.5 hrs. before Makenna would want to eat again. Fifteen minutes after I put her down, she woke up screaming, with a different cry than normal. It was the "HELP ME! I'M IN PAIN" cry. I tried calming her down, I tried to burp her, I changed her diaper, I gave her gas drops, tried to feed her again even though it wasn't time, etc. I did everything I could imagine. But nothing I did helped sooth her. Kenney tried calming her as well but to no avail. The entire night, Makenna slept no more than 20 minutes at a time, in between shrieks of pain and being inconsolable. I was really, really tired in the morning, and since it was a Thursday, Braydon did not have preschool, so he was going to be with us all day. I prayed for patience, because I knew it was going to be a long day. I also had put off making valentine's day cards for Kenney & my parents til the last minute, which is always interesting. Makenna was still fussy all day and just couldn't seem to get settled. Thursday evening, I just about collapsed into the bed, and Kenney took her for me so I could get a few hours of sleep. The rest of the night though I was up with her, and just knew something wasn't right. In the middle of the night, I noticed she had broken out in a rash every where, all over her back, her arms, her legs, her stomach, her chest, her face, etc. But she didn't have a fever, and she was nursing fine, so I figured it was just the lotion.

On Friday, I went over to my parents house, and showed my mom the rash. She suggested I call the doctor, which I did. They told me to come right up, but to be ready to wait because they were packed. We went up there and got called back after waiting 1/2 hour up front. Then once they got Makenna's vitals and weight (by the way, she is now 9 lbs 14.5 oz!!) Then we had to wait forever and a day for her doctor to come in. Makenna was crying hysterically, and Braydon wouldn't sit still and was driving me nuts. Then he had to go to the bathroom. So we went to the potty, but he couldn't go stinky in a "weird" bathroom. We went back to the room, and he kept saying he had to stinky, but we had just tried. Finally, makenna's doctor came in. She examined her, and couldn't figure out what was wrong really, so she had us go get blood work done. They pricked her heal, and the guy didn't put enough pressure on it so, she bled straight thru the bandaid, down my arms, and all over the place. Not fun, and of course, I had a white shirt on that day! So I go back to the lab, and they stop the bleeding, and help clean up my arms. When we get back to the room, Makenna was screaming and it was well past her time to eat, so I tried to feed her, which calmed her down, but then Braydon said "Uh oh, mommy" of course he had stinkied on himself, which wasn't his fault, because he had told me several times, and I had told him to wait. And his change of clothes is in his backpack, which is of course, in the car. The one time he didn't want to bring his backpack somewhere is the day he needed it, go figure! I checked the diaper bag to see if maybe I had thrown an extra pull up in there, which I remember had been used on the way home from Raleigh, the night of the super bowl. Of course I had absolutely nothing remotely close for a pair of underwear for him, so I figured I could take him down to the bathroom, and just have him take off the dirty underwear and just go comando til we could make it home. Did I mention I was still trying to nurse Makenna? She had just started nursing less than 5 minutes prior to B's announcement, and if I pulled her off now, especially with all of the "trauma" she had been through with the exam from the dr and the heal stick, she would scream without stop. So I'm walking down the hall (for nearly the 20th time) to the bathroom, trying to keep my blanket over myself to give me some privacy while I nursed Makenna.

As we entered the bathroom, I saw that my idea of B going comando was now out of the picture because he of course had a runny BM, and it had gone through to his pants. I tried quickly to come up with some sort of plan, but nothing came to mind. There I am squatting down, still nursing, trying not to fall over, trying not to drop Makenna, and trying to get Braydon out of his clothes without getting poop everywhere. As I managed one handed to get one leg out of his clothes, Makenna detatched from me, causing her to let everyone know in a high pitch tone she was not very happy with me. Breastmilk started going everywhere, of course, I fell to the ground, managing to get poop on my white shirt.

At this point, I was almost in tears. What am I supposed to do? I tried to manage to hook my bra up so I could atleast stop that leak. Makenna still kept crying, and all I just kept saying was "I can't do this by myself!" and B's response was "just put Makenna down, Mama" and of course I snapped at him (which I immediately felt guilty for) "where do u suggest I put her down Braydon?" So I looked around and of course there were no diaper changing stations in this bathroom. there was no where to sit her. So I grabbed her blanket, laid it on the floor, which immediately made me almost gag at the thought of all the nasty things that were on the floor and prayed to God that He would protect her from all the icky things on the floor. I laid her down, which made her wail even louder. I managed to clean Braydon up somewhat, and got his clothes off. But now what do I do? I couldn't just let him walk down the hall to the room half naked since we passed the lab waiting area, which had lots of people there. Call me funny, but I'm not into exposing my dear child to all of those people. So I pick Makenna off of the blanket, and almost puked in the toilet at the thought of where she had just been. Lord forgive me for being a terrible parent, and Makenna don't hate me forever because I laid you on the bathroom floor, I thought. I didn't have any other option, so I grabbed the phone, and called Kenney. I don't remember what I told him, but he got the point and knew that he needed to come quickly and bring clothes for Braydon.

I grabbed the now yucky blanket off of the floor and turning it the other way, told Braydon to drape it around himself. We slowly made our way back to the room, and then had to wait for Makenna to give a urine sample, which involved a whole lot of waiting and putting her hands and feet under running water, but atleast they didn't have to use a catheter. (sp?)

FINALLY, Kenney arrived with clothes for Braydon, and he stayed for a while but then he took B home because he had been cooped up in that doctor's office for about 3 hours already. When she did finally go to the bathroom, it only took a few minutes before her dr. came back in and told us what was wrong. She had a urinary tract infection, as well as a viral infection (which was causing the bumps) and a yeast infection under her chin. So we got some medicine, and left there, and she's been much happier since then, and we've actually had some sleep.

This is the best I could do because she was crying and in pain on Valentine's day...her cousin Chloe has a matching one. I'm going to try to get a better picture of her in her LoveBug onesie tomorrow!

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Our Love Story

In honor of Valentine's Day, I'm participating in my friend Andrea's blogfest about how Kenney & I fell madly in love! I'm not too sure how to put a link in this post, so to have access to all the other love stories, click on Sgt & Mrs. Hub under my favorite blogs!

Braydon & I the first week we were in Virginia

During the summer of 2005, I decided that I was going to move to Virginia Beach, VA to go to Regent University. I knew that I wouldn’t be able to afford living on my own up in the Hampton Roads area, so I started checking out Craigslist,,, etc. trying to find a roommate. I eventually found one that seemed pretty decent, we met when I went up there to look for places. She had a 3 year old daughter, and we both we’re single parents so we had a bond. We found a 3 bedroom townhouse in the Timberlake area of Virginia Beach, and we moved in rather quickly in July.

Since I knew no one in the area, I started trying to find people who knew the area well and who could show me around. My roommate introduced me to the world of Myspace, and one day I was looking for people in the Virginia Beach area who were online, and Kenney’s profile popped up. It said he lived in the same neighborhood as I did, so I sent him an email just to say hi and to see if he still lived near me. It turns out that he lived literally across the street from me!

The first picture I saw of Kenney!
We talked on instant messenger for a while, and one day he asked me for my phone number. I gave it to him, and he called shortly thereafter. He wanted to meet me, and I have to admit I was kind of gun shy about meeting guys off of the computer. I won’t go into detail, but let’s just suffice it by saying I had many good reasons to be wary.

I knew that he worked at a LensCrafters at the mall near my townhouse, and I decided to go visit him there. I figured this way, if he turned out to be creepy, he couldn’t follow me home since he was working. He turned out to be very nice, and we talked for a few minutes in person, but I didn’t stay long because I had Braydon with me and I didn’t want to get Kenney in trouble. So we continued to talk on the phone, and he started coming over before heading to school or in between school and work. He was goofy, which made me laugh. But he could also be cocky and liked to talk about himself and brag, which was a total turn off to me. To be honest, I could only take him in small doses at a time. He was fun to be around though, and Braydon & him got along well.

I started school, which was hard because I had to pay for a babysitter but had no way to pay for one. The school had promised me more financial aid then they actually gave me, so I had to find a job as well. Kenney one day volunteered to watch Braydon for me so I could go to class one night without having to pay a babysitter. I was reluctant but I was in a bind, and so I took him up on his offer. When I arrived home from class, Braydon was fast asleep (something I had been struggling to do!)

Our first date if you can call it that, was actually to Pizzeria Uno’s. We went to the mall with Braydon, and had pizza. The lady asked us how many and I responded “1 adult and 2 children” and Kenney just laughed. And then I told her that it was really 2 adults and 1 child. We ate there because Kenney had never eaten Chicago-style pizza, and I lived in Chicago for a while, so it was neat that I got to introduce him to a different style of pizza.

We call these are "Bonnie n Clyde" photos (we've got a ton of them!)

A few months after I met him in Virginia, I decided to move back to NC due to financial problems with my school. The day after Christmas B and I flew to Philadelphia to visit Braydon’s biological father and his family. It was during this trip that I realized all that Kenney had to offer, despite how annoying he was at times. Kenney just figured that it was over between us, and I guess I did too. We kept talking as often as we had up in VA, and he started coming down on his days off. Gotta love chuck e cheese!

our first family photo

After having returned home from one such trip, Kenney hopped right back in the car and drove 2.5 hours extra to come take care of me because I went to the ER because I was sick. He was only there for a few hours before he had to head back to VA because he had to work. I knew he was “the one” after watching him take care of me that day. He sat there and just stroked my hair. A few months later, Kenney got a job and an apartment in Rocky Mount, and we’ve been together officially since then.
At my sister's wedding (A month after we got engaged)

Around midnight one night, I was awoken by my older sister Rachel, saying there was someone who had just stopped by the house and left something on my parents’ doorstep. I was very out of it, and I got up and went downstairs, still very confused why a stranger would leave something on the front step and why did she need me to get it when she could have gotten it? Well, I opened the front door and there was one gerbera daisy flower with a note attached telling me that I was going on a scavenger hunt. The first clues were in my parents’ house, and Rachel had to help me because I was still out of it because I had been asleep. Then the next clue told me to go get dressed that there were still clues waiting for me. The clues lead me all over town, to the daycare where I worked at the time, to the craft section in Wal-Mart, a local restaurant, a hotel, to Kenney’s apartment, the church behind my parents’ house. At each place, one of my parents was there waiting for me and handed me a different gerbera daisy and a new clue. The last clue sent me back to my parents’ house to check my email. That is where an email was waiting from Kenney telling me to go outside in the backyard and there was something waiting for me out there. When I opened up the back door, I saw Kenney standing with a bouquet of daisies, surrounded by candles covering the patio, a blanket spread out on the patio, with pillows, and champagne, chocolate covered strawberries, and Brian McKnight playing in the background. My mouth dropped open, and he grabbed me by the hands and got down on one knee and said “You know I’m not very good at speeches, but I love you very much. Will you marry me?” Of course I said yes, and he put the ring on me and kissed me! My parents, my sister & her husband were all waiting and came out to congratulate us, and then let us have some time by ourselves.

We were married 9 months later, and 9 months later our pretty expensive honeymoon souvenir was born. Makenna just lights up when she hears or sees her Daddy (now if only we could get him to do that in the middle of the night!!)

Our first (almost) year has been full of ups and downs, with Kenney being laid off from his job only 2 weeks after returning from our honeymoon, to being violently ill from “all day” sickness (I can’t call it morning sickness because it lasted all day for 7 months!)

in our townhouse together

celebrating with friends at a birthday party

Some people have a song that they pick out (which is Back at One, by Brian McKnight) but we also have a bible verse that is “ours”:

“I have found the one whom my soul loves.”

Song of Solomon 3:4

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

She loves her daddy!

Kenna loves her daddy!!!

"walking along" on Sunday in her pretty church clothes

Monday, February 11, 2008

notes worth noting....

1.) Ok, so today I went to my six week post-partum check up with my OB-GYN. Pretty uneventful, aside from the normal stuff. I'm temporarily "fixed" if you will, for up to 5 years (less if we choose.) That's a big relief. Makenna was the hit of the office, and Dr. Collins said "I always tell people that nurses are capable of delivering babies. We're just there to make a mess!" He cracks me up!

2.) On Sunday morning, a little boy and his mom walked into the women's bathroom and sat down on the couch across from me. While the boy went in and used the bathroom, his mom put a hard candy in her mouth. When the little guy came out, he asked what she had in her mouth, to which she replied "a hard candy". Without hesitation, he responded "Do you have any easy candy in there for me?!?" I couldn't help but chuckle!

3.) Makenna is officially a person. We received her official birth certificate and applied for a social security card today. Everything's official. =)

4.) On Saturday, I'm going to a meeting at our church for people interested in leading short term missions trips from our church in the next year. And I'm excited. Have no clue where God might send me, but I'm willing! Here I am, send me!

5.) My sister turned 27 yesterday, and I'm reminded that we're all getting older. I'm glad she'll hit 30 before me!! (Happy birthday again, rach!)

6.) Kenney & I are officially requesting your prayers concerning where we should live. Our lease is up in a month, and we're not sure where we should go. We would love your prayers.

7.) At church last night, a group called the Liberated Wailing Wall held a concert. It's a group with Jews for Jesus, and when they introduced themselves, two of the guys were from Rochester, NY, which we thought was really cool. My parents had volunteered to host one of them for last night and tonight, and it turns out that one of the guys from Rochester went to Lima for a few years and graduated from Finney. It was Mike Chadwick, the younger brother of Dan Ross. How odd is that? It was strange to see him and talk to him for a while. He asked me who I kept in touch with and where people were living, what they were doing etc. It was too strange to see him in NC of all places and staying with my parents!

8.) I have unfrozen a bag of breastmilk sitting on my counter and tonight is the first night Makenna will try a bottle. This makes me sad and nervous because I'm affraid she will find out that the bottle is easier than the breast and won't want to nurse. (this is where you tell me that I'm worrying over nothing....) =)

Soooo that's about all I have for now. I'm sure that there's more but I can't remember it right now.

Friday, February 8, 2008

Made up my mind

I've been hemming and hawing (is that really how you spell that?!?) about what I want to do aside from my role as loving mother and endearing wife. So, what else would any one do? Finish college, of course! I already had an application on file with NC State University, it was just awaiting the supplamental documentation of transcripts from the myriad of colleges I've attended. (Sadly, this process took longer than the actual process of re-activating my WolfPAW website!) So hopefully in the fall I can go back atleast half time, which is 6 credits or 2 classes. I can handle that I think! I figure if I can do one online and one on campus, I can put Makenna in the Mother's morning out at our church, which is where Braydon attends preschool.

I spent the majority of today trying to figure out what I should get my degree in. I guess that would help, wouldn't it?!? I looked at my options. I could finish with a history degree, but I don't really want to be a history teacher or work at a museum which is pretty much what I could with a history degree. I could major in Elementary education, but this would take forever for me to get a degree in this with all of the classes and student teaching that I'd need. I could study either English or Spanish. I've recently rediscovered my interest in writing, but I'm not to keen on grammar and spelling. Spanish is good, but not something I want to get a degree in. And for some reason, since it's been almost 6 years since I've taken my last college spanish class, it's kind of intimidating. Communications? Perhaps, but once again it would take forever for me to graduate with this kinda degree @ State. So where does that leave me?

I had no clue until it dawned on me. Why not religious studies? I've already got what Lee University considered a minor in Bible. And this is something that I can use no matter what I decide to do. In every aspect of life, it will help me. Learning about other religions can help me lead them to Christ and give me more understanding on different cultrues. If I go into any ministry this degree can help me. And even if I do nothing but teach my children what I learned, it would be well worth it, don't you think?

This will be interesting you see because Kenney wants to go back to school too. And he really needs to, too. In his field, he basically has to have atleast a two year degree to be considered for anything, and he's half way to that 2 year degree. So do you think we can manage with us both being enrolled in school at the same time? We're going to try it, thats for sure.

Thursday, February 7, 2008


"His master replied, 'Well done, good and faithful servant! You have been faithful with a few things; I will put you in charge of many things. Come and share your master's happiness!' Matthew 25:21

On the way home from picking up Braydon from preschool, I realized that I had no bread for sandwiches for lunch. I could have made something else for lunch, but I'm a creature of habit and like having my peanut butter and jelly sandwich and peaches for lunch. I have it almost everyday. Yum! So reluctantly, I pulled into the Harris Teeter parking lot and took a deep breath. Braydon had a rough day at preschool and had been put on "red" for not listening to his teachers. I knew that this would be a challenge with Braydon. And Makenna was due to wake up at any given moment and want to eat. At that moment. I got out of my cart and prayed for patience.
When we got into the store, I went to grab a cart and Braydon took off in front of me. Oh, Lord! I thought. I tried to fit Makenna's car seat on the front part of the cart, but Harris Teeter has weird carts, so I had to put her in the main basket part. I looked up just in time to see Braydon standing by the "Shopper in Training" baskets. They're mini shopping carts and are basically a hazard when a excited 3.5 year old boy who hasn't been listening all morning gets behind it. I sighed and looked at my cart. I knew I wouldn't have room for groceries and him and my purse in the cart. I told him okay reluctantly and his face lit up, but with an evil grin.
We ventured to the other side of the store, where Braydon got a free sugar cookie--JUST what he needed. But we managed to get the bread & peanut butter, and went on to the back of the store. I had Braydon pick out his yogurt and put it in his cart. I continued to walk ahead towards the eggs. Out of no where, Braydon came crashing into the cart and startled Makenna so much and she woke up screaming! So i fussed at B for running in the store then tried to calm makenna. Luckily she fell back asleep. We managed to make it thru the rest of the store with minimal amounts of listening on B's part. Finally we made it to the check out line where they have strategically placed candy at children's eye level! This of course created a problem because Braydon wanted candy, and I told him no because he was on red at preschool & had not listened to a word I said the entire store. If you've ever been in this position, you know that by saying "No" you create a big problem: a screaming child that draws all eyes to you like you had just beat your child in front of their very eyes. I said no, and I had to stick to it no matter what B did or said. "But I need it" and "I hate you!" (which I totally was not prepared to hear so early in his life!) But we walked out of that store without candy, just as I had said.
As I was getting B into his car seat, a worker from Harris Teeter helped me put the groceries in my car. When I went to get Makennas car seat out of the basket, I noticed a 1/2 gallon of Apple cider sitting there. I knew that I had forgotten it and had not paid for it. I had a choice to make. No one had seen it, the sensors in the store didn't catch it when I walked out. It was only $3, and a big company like Harris Teeter wouldnt close up from the loss of $3! I sat there and had to make a quick decision: put it in my car and go on like nothing happened, get B and makenna back out of the car and go back in and pay for it (and risk fighting him again about the candy) or I could send it back in with the man who unloaded my groceries.
I ended up sending the apple cider back in with the man, who seemed very surprised. I was really disappointed because it was one of the things that I had bought just for me. I hardly ever buy something just for me, but I knew that I couldn't take it without paying for it. I knew that even if the only one who ever knew about it was God, that it was important enough to do the right thing. Who knows, maybe Braydon watched me send it back and one day will do the right thing because of it, ya just never know! I do know that God asks us to be faithful in all things, big AND small.
Even though I couldn't mark much off of my "to do" list from yesterday besides going grocery shopping and laundry, I could add "be faithful" to the list and cross it off proudly!
P.S. I told Kenney about my story and he picked up the Apple Cider on the way home for work!

Monday, February 4, 2008

Roch-cha-cha---here we come!!

Well, Kenney put in his request for vacation time for the week of August 4th-8th! So my parents, my sister & her kiddos, and my family will be in Rochester, NY from August 2nd thrugh the 9th!! I'm so excited because it has been far too long since I've been up to NY. As my sister had mentioned, I'd really like to see as many people as we can when we go up there because I want Kenney and the kiddos to meet as many people as they can (especially since I talk about you guys often and he has know clue who you are!) Is there any way we can plan a get-together for us Lima people so everyone can see each other?

Nate's 1st Birthday

On Saturday, Kenney, Braydon, Makenna and I packed up into my parent's van and went to Chapel Hill for my cousin's son (well I suppose he's our cousin too!) first birthday party. It was good to see our family, and meet Alex's family. We had to leave before Nate got to open presents, but we did get to watch the pinata(s) and have food! (thanks aprille for cooking!!) Here are some pictures!! ENJOY!! If you want to see all of the pictures, you can check em out on my picasa page...

Nate & Alex trying to hit the pinata
Hey wait, that's not candy! The first pinata was filled with veggies!
Don't worry, there was one with candy too! Nice trick Aprille!
Makenna in her pretty blue dress

It's a shame her daddy doesn't love to hold her!!

So sweet!!

Friday, February 1, 2008

5 weeks

Tomorrow morning, Makenna will be 5 weeks old! It seems like just yesterday that I had her. Today was her 1 month check up and boy is she growing!!! Her stats at birth were 7 lbs 6 oz, 19.5 inches long and today she weighed in at 8 lbs 13 oz and is 21 3/4 inch long! Craziness I tell you! But this is reassuring to me, that all those late night feedings are doing what they're supposed to be doing! Of course, Dr. Plonski just raved about how "perfect perfect perfect" she is! That woman is a trip, and she has the energy of a jack russell puppy!! =) Just wanted to post an update on my sweet girl!