Friday, February 29, 2008

Happy 2 months!

Today officially marks Makenna's 2 months of being alive (although technically this past Saturday was 8 weeks, so tomorrow she'll be 9 weeks, if that makes any sense.) Do I go by the actual weeks or by the date of the 29th? Anyways, the last time we went to the doctor, Makenna weighed 9 lbs 14 oz. Her 2 month check up is on March 7th, so I'm sure I'll let you know her updated stats then.

I received a phone call on Monday saying that my doctor had scheduled some tests for Makenna at the day hospital. I was unaware that she even needed any more tests. When I left the doctor's office on the day of the "doctor disaster" it was my understanding that all Makenna needed was some antibiotics and she'd be good to go. As a mother, I automatically freaked out, called Kenney and then ran to my source for everything: the good ol' internet. This is good and bad, because sometimes TOO much information can scare you for no reason. She's having two seperate tests done, and from what I've read, 50-75% of infants who have urinary tract infections this young have congenital malformations of the urinary tract or kidney. Or there's the possibility that she has vesicoureteral (VU) reflux or renal reflux, which I guess means her urine goes back up into her rather than coming back out first?
The nurse reassured me this is routine for them to schedule both of these tests as a follow up for an infant with a UTI. And I've got two friends who have kids that have had the same procedures, and they've assured me that it goes by quickly but can be painful. Her tests are scheduled for this Tuesday and hopefully we'll get the results when we go in on Friday for her 2 month check up.
But anyways, Happy 2 months, Makenna Rae Elise! We can't wait to watch you grow up. We love your smile and your little kitty cat "cries". We love you very much and are so thankful for our little girl!


Rachel said...

I love the collage!

Elizabeth F. said...

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I loved your breast pump in the car story. I've pumped in the car too many times to count. Once on the way to an American Idol concert in Chicago. We used to live up there! LOL!

Britney said...

I also love the collage. Makenna is adorable.