Friday, February 22, 2008

I'm a sucker for a good story...

I'm sorta stealing this from a post on myspace, but ever since then, I'm dying to know more...

So, please tell me.....What was the weirdest gift you received as a wedding present? What did you do with it?

Here is our weirdest wedding present: When we returned to our townhouse after we left our reception to change, we saw a bag on our bed. I thought maybe Kenney's best man had left him a gift, but when we opened it....I turned red. (Dad stop reading here! haha!)

In this bag was "Very Sexy" lotion from Victoria's secret, a feather, a package of edible underwear (eww!), and a 4 pack of "Hearts of fire" lubricant (in 4 different fragrances). Kenney told me who it was from:

HIS MOTHER!!!!!!!!!!!

Not only was this weird, it was very awkward....It's never been spoken about since, nor will it ever be!!!


Aprille said...

Oh my goodness! As I had gotten such a gift for a girlfriend for her wedding night I was not shocked but (me squelching a laugh) his mother! I guess you should have known then she either a. had a really boring wedding night or b. REALLY wanted that grand baby fast. Apparently there was some sort of fertilizer sprinkled in there too haha!

We didn't do gifts at ours so I guess I will have to wait to get weird gifts from my inlaws till I have my "Wedding" someday. Feel free to take these years to think of something strange to confuse me with.

I don't think anyone will top that.

Rachel said...

Yeah, this takes the wedding cake for sure. How akward!

Sgt and Mrs Hub said...

Whoa! Highly disturbing! I don't think that could be topped! I don't know as I could look the woman in the eye after that!! :)