Monday, February 11, 2008

notes worth noting....

1.) Ok, so today I went to my six week post-partum check up with my OB-GYN. Pretty uneventful, aside from the normal stuff. I'm temporarily "fixed" if you will, for up to 5 years (less if we choose.) That's a big relief. Makenna was the hit of the office, and Dr. Collins said "I always tell people that nurses are capable of delivering babies. We're just there to make a mess!" He cracks me up!

2.) On Sunday morning, a little boy and his mom walked into the women's bathroom and sat down on the couch across from me. While the boy went in and used the bathroom, his mom put a hard candy in her mouth. When the little guy came out, he asked what she had in her mouth, to which she replied "a hard candy". Without hesitation, he responded "Do you have any easy candy in there for me?!?" I couldn't help but chuckle!

3.) Makenna is officially a person. We received her official birth certificate and applied for a social security card today. Everything's official. =)

4.) On Saturday, I'm going to a meeting at our church for people interested in leading short term missions trips from our church in the next year. And I'm excited. Have no clue where God might send me, but I'm willing! Here I am, send me!

5.) My sister turned 27 yesterday, and I'm reminded that we're all getting older. I'm glad she'll hit 30 before me!! (Happy birthday again, rach!)

6.) Kenney & I are officially requesting your prayers concerning where we should live. Our lease is up in a month, and we're not sure where we should go. We would love your prayers.

7.) At church last night, a group called the Liberated Wailing Wall held a concert. It's a group with Jews for Jesus, and when they introduced themselves, two of the guys were from Rochester, NY, which we thought was really cool. My parents had volunteered to host one of them for last night and tonight, and it turns out that one of the guys from Rochester went to Lima for a few years and graduated from Finney. It was Mike Chadwick, the younger brother of Dan Ross. How odd is that? It was strange to see him and talk to him for a while. He asked me who I kept in touch with and where people were living, what they were doing etc. It was too strange to see him in NC of all places and staying with my parents!

8.) I have unfrozen a bag of breastmilk sitting on my counter and tonight is the first night Makenna will try a bottle. This makes me sad and nervous because I'm affraid she will find out that the bottle is easier than the breast and won't want to nurse. (this is where you tell me that I'm worrying over nothing....) =)

Soooo that's about all I have for now. I'm sure that there's more but I can't remember it right now.


Innocence Underrated said...

or she'll hate it haha. I too felt sad and strange giving Kian a bottle for the first time. It was like 'this is my milk, but in a bottle, but I'm right here, why again?" but i had to since i had to be in a wedding. it took him awhile to get it, and he was very picky about which one he'd take and NOT the one that came with my pump...go figure. good luck.

Innocence Underrated said...

oh and congrats and good job on going 6 weeks with the breastfeeding so far!!!