Friday, March 7, 2008

educating the educated

I wouldn't consider myself very bright regarding medicine. If you were my guidance counselor, you would recommend I avoid anything regarding the sciences. But aside from all of this, today I managed to present Makenna's pedi with information that she was not very familiar in: vaccinations.

Yes, she went to medical school, and knows a bazillion more things about babies and children that I will never know. But today when I went in for Makenna's 2 month check up, & I requested some information regarding the "5 in one" shot they routinely give children in their practice. At first, she tried to tell me that everyone she's ever given the shots to have never had a problem and that if I chose not to vaccinate my child, she was not welcome in her practice. After being a little intimidated at first, I made sure that I explained where I stood: I agreed with the concept of vaccinations. They are extremely important, and I fully intend of giving Makenna the shots she needs. When I began to explain to her my concerns regarding the combo shots, she said she was unfamiliar with the data that I was talking about.

Out pops my reference material:

I was able to show her some information she had never seen before, and I intriuged her so much, she asked to borrow the book over the weekend so she could read the whole thing. We agreed to not give Makenna any shots until we had time to research it further. On Monday, I'm gonna go up there and talk with her, after shes read the book and had time to talk with some fellow doctors, and we'll decide where we'll go from there.

It's nice to not simply take everything the doctor says as truth. I mean, yes they went to medical school, but how often do they research the "common practices"? I mean this shot the 5-in-1 pediarix has 850 micrograms of aluminium in it and the FDA recommends that a 12 lb 2 month old should not exceed 30 micrograms. Does anyone else see this as a problem?!? It was so nice to be able to advocate for my child and to feel like I was actually listened to!

On a side note, Makenna's tests came back normal, thank God!! And she is 22.5 inches long and 9 lbs 15.4 oz!


Sgt and Mrs Hub said...

So glad Makenna is in the clear as far as her tests!

I rarely take anything my doctor says as gospel truth. I am a researching queen! That looks like an interesting book. Haven't seen that one before!


Innocence Underrated said...

Oh. My. Gosh! She said if you didn't vaccinate her, she wasn't welcome? I probably would have left- right then and there. But, you've opened up her eyes to more info which is great! I am choosing not to vaccinate Kian, maybe at 2 yrs, maybe never. But my WHOLE point in this thing is the RESEARCH! Parents just go along with doctors, even as adults we go along with what they say. They're just human, they're not God. So glad you educated yourself and were able to inform THE DOCTOR too! And your reasons are exactly why I am not--aluminum, mouse tissues, formeldahyde (sp?) and all that, if we don't inform doctors then our kids will just keep getting this JUNK in them. So glad you stood up to the doctor! Maybe she will do more research, if they all do our kids would be a lot healthier!

American Mum said...

I'm glad you got this book. It's a really balanced look at vacs. I'm also glad the doc is reading it because as a doctor himself, he address doctors on the issue of "not being welcome" if parents don't vaccinate. He says these doctors are being ridiculous because kids w/o vaccinations are ones that really NEED a doctor! Won't she feel silly. :)

Elizabeth F. said...

Who is your doctor? Has she been in a cave somewhere, b/c most people are aware of the controversy surrounding vaccines. I love the Dr. Sears Vaccine book and I heard him speak recently at a LLL Conference. I am leaning towards Selective vaccination b/c there are some shots that I do not believe are impt enough when weighed againt the risks. And Dr. Sears recently stated on his site and you can tell your Dr. that the AAP (American Academy of PEdiatrics) recently stated that no Doctor can refuse patients based on their decision to vaccinate or not to. If I were you though, I would look for a doctor that is more aware of current issues like vaccinations and on the same page as you or at least open to your opinions.