Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Fed up

I'm just fed up with all of the sickness and death surrounding me. Every where I turn, every e-mail I open, every phone call I get, tells me someone else is sick or dying or dead. I hate it. I'm a nervous wreck every time the phone rings, literally. I'm worried that someone else is going to be in the hospital or have clots or have tumors or have a stroke or die. And it doesn't help that my own daughter is going to the hospital for tests, even if they are "routine". I'm over this season of "sickness and death." no more phone calls with sickness, God. I'm over it.


Anonymous said...

Hi Christy,
I know what you mean--it seems like bad news always comes in waves and I have experienced that dread of hearing the phone ring and worrying it's going to be bad news. Sometimes I feel like asking the Lord if He is still there even when I know He is despite the chaos around me. At times like this I totally identify with Psalm 13. I wanted to tell you too that Makenna is even more precious in person than in her pictures--and they are adorable! I am so glad you stopped by the day care yesterday and that I got to hold her a minute. I pray that all her tests will go well and that you will have a peace about it.
Love in Christ,
Numbers 6:24-26

Aprille said...

I love you and I am praying. If you need to vent I have an ear. Just call.

Mrs Lippincott said...

Hun - I know where you're at, I was sitting down with someone at work today(it is so weird the people God will bring into your life at work of all places)and she was saying that in her close circle of friends and relatives she has had 3 people die in the past month, and I was explaining how Josh's uncle had just died so suddenly on Thursday night at age 58...but we came to the conclusion that all we can do is relay on God even more than we have before...he is the only one that can ever help us understand what is going on and why...wish I was there to give you a hug hun!

Elizabeth F. said...

Seasons like this help us appreciate more when all things are well. You will be in my prayers...and your baby too!