Monday, March 24, 2008

forms, forms, and more forms...

Ok, so starting a business is exciting but a little overwhelming! With a little advice from my Aunt Laura, I've decided what type of business it'll be. Now, here I stand with a stack of papers to fill out: I've got DBA forms, federal & state tax forms, privilege license forms, etc.

But I'm starting to feel like it's coming together. I purchased business cards and they came in the other day. I had one ad in my dad's program for The King & I, and I've got my first big ad in our local paper's "I Do" bridal guide that is coming out this coming Sunday. I'm so excited, and I can't wait to see the response from it.

My amazingly talented sister has created an awesome new website for me, and I'm so thankful! If you know anyone that is getting married, tell them to check me out!


Britney said...

Your website looks really nice. I actually don't know anyone getting married this year, but if I meet anyone getting married out your way, I'll be sure to let them know about your business!

Aprille said...

I can only think of one person right now... ME! I linked you under "My Vendors!" YAY So if anyone happens to be looking for a NC wedding blog them might find me - and then you! I will try to get you some hits!