Thursday, March 20, 2008


HELP!!! A friend of mine, Andrea, is moving from Vermont to New Mexico with her family of 5. She's got 3 young children (her youngest was born 5 days before Makenna!) and she is looking for advice from any of you out there who have ever made such a big move. How do you help the kids transition? Any packing advice? Getting settled in?

She's even offering a pound of Vermont Maple Creme coffee to the one who gives her the best advice. I'm not too familiar with moving with kiddos in tow, so I thought perhaps it would be best to put it out there to my friends, family, stalkers, etc. =) Help this poor woman out, already, would ya?!? Go to her blog & leave her some advice!!!


Anonymous said...

From someone who has moved across the country 3 times, I have plenty of advice for her..from packing, to loading the uhaul, to kids, meals, hotels, etc.
If she wants my personal email address, please feel free to give it to her. I will give her all the info that I have ;-}
and btw,
love to you all, tia

Elizabeth F. said...

Wow! You know we recently moved from IN to NC...with 3 kids. Of course, lots of preparation before hand. But, one of the biggest helps was to set-up playdates for the kids on the big day of loading the truck. 1 to keep them out of the way and 2 so that they get to have a big going away play date and a chance to say good-bye to their friends as well. We found it a good idea to let the kids "help" pack their rooms just for closure. Then they get to unpack it when they get to the new house. I had to keep reminding my kids that ALL of this stuff would be in their new rooms. For some reason they were worried that I was getting rid of it.

Also, we made sure that we took pics of all of their friends and put them into a small album that they could carry around. My kids still love to look at all of their old friend's pics from IN even now almost 2 yrs. later. We also had several phone calls to their old friends to keep in touch for some time too.

The thing that I found most challenging was to be able to feed, clothe the kids and still have toys for them while I wanted to pack all of that stuff up! I found that making a bag for each child with their favorite toys, stuffed animals, etc... worked b.c they got to keep that stuff to play until we moved and to take in the car or plane. I also had some very nice friends who packed us travel treat bags for the kids with new toys ($1 store stuff), new books, coloring books, etc... and some yummy snacks and drinks for the trip. :-)

Good Luck! It's definitely a very challenging time, but well worth it once you get settled in your new home. Children are very resilient and do better at moving than the adults usually!!

Melanie said...

portable dvd players and headphones to go with them. I got Dylan a portable dvd player for the car, and it's the only thing that keeps us sane when we drive to see my parents. I think that my mum would be the expert extraordinare on this though, since she moved all four of us all the way across the