Thursday, March 6, 2008

"Kid Sister and me"

I remember that annoying jingle for the life-sized doll that you could play with when we were little. Well, anyways, Braydon seriously thinks that Makenna is mearly a doll that he can dress up. He likes picking out bows for her, and enjoys "kissing her" which entails smooshing her face! poor girl is gonna be a tough one!

Braydon used his ring pop to pretend he was a baby and needed his "paceeeee-FIRE!"


American Mum said...

They may be bigger and older, but no one can be as annoying as a little sister. (Trust me, I know! jk. kinda!) Our little girls will someday have their revenge.

Innocence Underrated said...

you mean that's not what younger siblings are for? darn don't tell my sister after all these years! she was such a tomboy and I'd force her to sit and let me do her hair and make up! oops.

Anonymous said...

My sweet little grandchildren- what a WONDERFUL birthday gift to see these photos!