Tuesday, March 18, 2008

The King & I

My dad's high school drama club recently did the musical, "The King & I". It was absolutely wonderful, the vocals were amazing! The costumes, the scenery and the lighting were so rich and just made this show even better! My favorite part was the part were they did the "Small house of Uncle Thomas". It was wonderfully choreographed, and the simplicity of it made it even better!
I got to take some pictures for my dad's portfolio, and I'd like to mention that these were still, posed shots, and were NOT taken during a live performance. I feel the need to say this because of copyright laws. Enjoy!


Melanie said...

Amazing photos. I so wish I could have gone!

Christin said...

Looks amazing!!

American Mum said...

Looks good! Wish I could have seen it.