Thursday, March 27, 2008

"My Harris Teeter"

If you have a Harris Teeter in your community, you're probably singing their little song now because of my post's title! But I'm totally excited about my trip to Harris Teeter. Most of the time I despise grocery shopping because it's such a chore with 2 kiddos (I shutter at the thought of my poor friends Elizabeth and Andrea who shop with 3 kids!) but today was a different story.

My goal was to go to HT and shop right after lunch, but was unable to do that (because my mom wasn't feeling well and has FINALLY taken our advice to stop working until after her surgery!) So my trip was post-poned until about 6:30ish. Kenney had a guys night with the guys from our Bible Fellowship group at church, and so I had to take the kiddos. Since there's only 3 days of triple coupons & a limit of 20 coupons per day, I did not want to waste one of those days!

I put Makenna in the sling, and I forced B into the cart with a promise of a ballon IF he behaved. Let me tell you my trip to the store was much more pleasant w/o having to chase him down. *Note to self---always use the sling & put B in the cart while at the grocery store!*

And off we went to the wine section to look for coupons. "Coupons for wine?!" I know what you're wondering but no, they aren't FOR wine, but simply on them. You don't have to purchase wine to use them either! Most people see a coupon on a product & assume you have to purchase the item it came from but not these! They're usually random like 1.50 off of eggs or a bouquet of flowers, etc. So I picked a few up, 2 for 1.50 off of eggs, 1 for a 1.50 off of any trail mix, and several 2.00 off fresh lamb or seafood purchase.

As I made it up to the check out line, I started wondering how much my cart of groceries was going to cost me. I'd read on a shopping board that you had to make sure that the coupons under 99 cents were the first 20, as the register is programmed to only triple the first 20 and doesn't recognize that it can't be tripled, so you waste one of your coupons! I started organizing them to hand to her, first the stack of under 99 cents, then a seperate pile for over 1.00 coupons. I looked at the total and slightly panicked! But then I remembered that I hadn't given her my VIC card or any of my coupons. I handed her my VIC card, and saw that I had saved $27.32 from it. Then I handed her my coupons and was pleased to see my final total: $69.72!! I had saved $72.86 in coupons!! I couldn't wait to get home to see how much I'd saved.

I know I'm a dork, but I love saving money and getting stuff cheap. If you are at all like me, then I hope you will get excited at the following list of deals:

-Colgate Luminous Toothpaste-$3.19, sale price $1.99, $1 off coupon= 99 cents

-Emerald Trail Mix-2/$5 -2.50(BOGO Free) plus 1.50 off coupon= 2/$1

-Bisquick-$2.99 sale price $2.49, 1.10 off coupon=$ 1.39

-Betty Crocker Potatoes-$1.89- .40 off (x3)= 69 cents

-Huggies Wipes- $3.99-.75 off (x 3)= $1.74

-Salad Spritzers- $2.69 sale price 1.34 - $.55 coupon (x 3)= FREE plus overage of 31 cents!

-Deli Creations- 2/ $7, sale price 2.50 - 3.49 coupon= 2/$1.51

-Betty Crocker Cake Mix $1.79- .55 off coupon (x 3) = 14 cents!

-BC Frosting- $1.79- .50 coupon (x3) = 29 cents

-Lady Speed Stick 24/7 - $2.99- .75 off coupon (x 3)= 74 cents!!

My fave finds were the deli creations b/c they were on sale and I just happened to get a coupon in the mail a few weeks ago from HT for a BOGO on them, and they took off the original price off not the sale price! Also the salad spritzers from wish bone. I saw them and they had 55 cent coupons attatched to them for any produce with purchase of the salad spritzers which were already BOGO. They had lots of 99 cent produce, so I figured as long as I purchased two kinds of produce, they'd take off the 1.65 when the coupon was tripled. and since I had two of those coupons from the two salad spritzers I got 3.30 off in coupons and got one of the salad spritzers for free with an overage! And the cake mix & frosting: I had printed out a Betty crocker coupon for 55 cents off when you buy both cake mix & frosting together, but when I went to the store, one of the mixes had a coupon on the box for 50 cents off any one frosting. So I got 1.50 off and 1.65 off too! =)

Are you a thrify shopper too? Have you gone to HT yet? If so, I'd love to hear what deals you got and how much you saved! YAY for triple coupons! In total, I saved $100.18!!!!!!1


Anonymous said...

Christy you make me smile because I remember those days of savings lots of money on coupons. All I can say is "You go girl!!!" Way to be a wise steward of your finances. Triple coupons days are the best!!! Mom

Kara said...

I don't have a Harris Teeter up here in the great white north of Ohio but we have Giant Eagle(or as Shawn calls it Big Bird) where we have double coupons (up to a $1 every day)as well as every $50 you spend you receive .20 off per gallon of gas at their gas station. Driving 20 miles to work everyday you KNOW where I shop! Although, sometimes there is still no substitute for Wal-Mart or Target. In other happy news...they are turning my Target into a SUPER Target!

Britney said...

That's so great! I wish someone would triple coupons around here. I love clipping coupons, but sometimes I find myself spending more money because I buy something I don't really need simply because I have a coupon for it. Even though I save money buying it, I spend money I wouldn't have spent without the coupon. I'm a dork, I know.

Anonymous said...

Whoa, Christy!
Wow, my head is still spinning from reading all that. I'm afraid I don't have the money sense that you have but your post made me smile because my mother-in-law and I shop together every Thursday although not often at HT, and every Thursday we compare notes to see how much we spent and saved. Since Jimmy and I eat with them a lot, her total is usually higher than mine but she almost always saves more because like you, she regularly uses coupons. Now, I am more like Britney. If I use a coupon I end up spending more money because I probably wouldn't have bought the item to start with unless I had the coupon. So most of the time I end up not using them. But way to go, anyway--sounds like you're doing great, especially since you had both the children!

Numbers 6:24-26

somecallmejust said...

LOL... you know you're a newly wed when... (you get excited enough about coupons and savings to blog about them). i will definitely check out the wine coupons :)

Anonymous said...

Dear Christy,
I enjoy reading your blog and seeing your dear family. You are speaking my language with all those coupon deals. I love matching coupons to sales, and triple coupons are the most fun!
Elaine Schwartz

Elizabeth F. said...

I need to check out the wine tags too. I went to HT and got French's fried Onion Topping Free, a GUM toothbrush for free, the HT French Fries for $.17 and Waffles for $.69 Duke's Mayo for $.49 and a few other things for really good deals as well. They also had TIDE for $3.99 box so I splurged on TIDE! That was a good deal. I only went once, but it was definitely worth it.

American Mum said...

Christy... I stand in awe... And oh how I miss coupons!