Thursday, March 6, 2008

Senior Moment in progress!

Well, since my sister stole the AARP thing (for real! i had the idea first! it's just that she's ahead of us because shes in a diff. time zone! dang it!) But Happy Birthday dad! Didn't you know that it's a bad sign when you forget it's your own birthday? We still love you, even with those "SENIOR MOMENTS!"


American Mum said...

For the record, I did not steal you idea. I had the same idea. Either that, or I told oyu my idea and you thought it was your idea.

Just thought I would make that clear.


Aprille said...

so do you not like wrapping paper with candy canes on it or is the paper(plastic) that wraps the candy canes that you can never quite find the right way to open it that bothers you? because if it is that darned plastic I am with you.

As far as the eggs. I think you are weird and missing out on amazingly easy dinners!

Aprille said...

just thought i would be random today. happy random day.